Isaac Conyers - Impact

its been out for a few days but i got around to rendering a good quality version (thanks to mike padial for the help) and put it up on youtube, then figured id put it on here too just for those who dont have me on vimeo or facebook.


awesome man :slight_smile: some of the stuff from your uni nats video plus new stuff yeah? love it! clearly would of gotten more then 2 votes.

awesome as always :smiley: i loved the editing (especially the intro) and some of your really creative lines - like at 1:39 :stuck_out_tongue: great stuff

thats right people. half of this video got LAST in the uninats video comp. i mean i did get a vote from the Street World Champion so thats what really counts, no idea who the other person was tho. that video comp was such a load of… lol

btw to everyone who reads this thread, please comment on the other thread i made. i accidentally made this twice by accident :stuck_out_tongue: