Is weight super important

Hey I was just wondering how much of a difference a few pounds could make in my hopping ability. I just got some new pedals and they are a little bit more heavier than my old ones. Do you think I would be able to rolling hop, and side hop further and higher if I had a super light uni compared to a semi heavy one? My uni is about 14-16 Pounds.
-Thanks Brian

14-16 pounds is pretty darned heavy for trials. I think that about 12-13 pounds is a good limit.
Of course, it’s very possible to do trials on a heavier uni. It just will probably take more effort to do high hops.

I think that a lighter uni is certainly easier for awkward moves where you have to force the uni into a certain orientation while jumping, but for many things it doesn’t make a huge difference as long as you get used to the weight.

I believe that the unnofficial world record sidehop for a 24" MUni is 87.5cm (82cm official), and that MUni weighed 16 lbs, so it is possible to jump fairly high on a heavy unicycle.


Re: Is weight super important

not as much as if you spend some more time practicing.

beware that lighter parts are often weaker,