Is unicycling popular where you live?

I know a couple kids where I live who unicycle, but that’s it.

Do you ever see unicycling becoming popular?

I think if segments of trials riding, and guys doing other tricks on, say, the X games, it could really take off.

I was actually surprised to find unicycling videos on youtube and more surprised to see what people were doing on their unicycles. I’m still amazed.

My parents were surprised I was even able to buy a unicycle. They thought unicycles were a thing of the past, as in, from an earlier period of time. A forgotten thing I guess.

I probably would have got into this thing years ago had I been exposed to it.

Unicycling is definitely not popular where i live. I hear roomers about other people knowing people who know how to ride but have only met one other person who rides in the city.

unicycling seems to be slowly gaining in popularity but not where I am living. I don’t think that it will ever become something that gets really big but it will not disappear either due to its long history and simplicity of equipment.

Those videos are quite amazing aren’t they? I would have to say that my favorite vids to watch now are the ones by Muniadict, he is doing stuff that is just outside of my skill-set but still close enough that I can see myself doing those things in the future, and they always have a funny twist :smiley:

It is true that most people start unicycing after meeting another unicyclist or at least being exposed to some movies. I hope someone is inspired by my random rides around town and picks up the one-wheeled habit:)

I think unicycles will probably remain where they are as a percentage of the cycling community.

The percentage of the community that cycle is growing though,
not to mention general population growth.

So there will be many more unicyclist, but we will always be the minority.

Kinda perfect, don’t you think?

My friend once told me that a clown came to his neighbourhood riding a unicycle. He said that the clown was wobbling and didn’t have the perfect control, but that could be part of his act. I haven’t met the clown, so I don’t know.

Also, the guys at LBS said that they had a few learner unicycles some time ago, but they didn’t order new ones, because the ones that they had took a very long time to sell.

That’s about all the unicycling in my area(that I know of), apart from me.

In Norway, atleast in Kristiansand, there is a lot who unicycles, we got a club with over 50 members :smiley:
There`s always someone to cycle with :smiley:

It was a little, but it faded now.

One of my main riding buddies is addicted to WoW now and hasn’t ridden in about a month or more. He had about 5 friends he got into it, but they didn’t stick with it.

My friend Donnie is ok, but only rides when he is with me, but he is serious about unicycling, just cant really ride without anyone else there with him.

Then there is me, my friend Zach, Phil, and Noah. Us 4 are the main riders who are out riding constantly.

Unicycling in Israel.

There are about 1,000 people who Unicycle in Israel. Israel has a total population of 7 milion. The vast majority of these Unicyclists are kids and are into Juggling. I only know of about 5 unicyclists in all of Israel that ride Muni or trials. Mountian biking is extremely popular here and I tend to make thier bottom jaws gape when they see me riding down a atechnical single!


In our village of Tholthorpe we have around 200 hundred people. My dad learnt to unicycle years ago and decided to learn it well enough for stage whilst he took part in the village pantomime. I saw him practicing and thought I would love to be able to do that. So I practiced and practiced. When my freinds in the vilage saw me they thought the same. That created 6 more unicyclists giving a total of 8. Then the younger members of the village also wanted to learn so we directed them to and now 4 years after i started riding we have 16 people who can ride! As a result we now have a juggling and unicycling performance team and also a unicycle hockey team.
Just goes to show that exposer does increase popularity as saskatchewanian rightly said.


Whereabouts in NZ are you based?

Try the NZ Unicycle forums if you need people to ride with


Not at all, I have never seen another unicyclist in my life apart from the circus (in real life i mean) but my mates always try to have a go whenever i have it with me.

Apart from my unicycling friends. I’m the only person in my suburb who unicycles. :smiley: :smiley: Which is a big advantage for me.

Its not super popular here…Theres me and Dan and Sandy and one of theri friends…And ive heard of some guys that ride at the new skatepark and in the downtown core…ive nevr met them but im sure theyre there.

There are about 20 people who can unicycle here out of them only about 7 or so actually ride. My little brother got some of his friends into it and a few weeks ago while I was driving with my friend we saw a kid riding one that we didnt know. It was pretty amazing except he wasnt very good and we didnt talk to him.

I ride alone, but friend is learning on my old uni

My roommate and I are definitely the only unicyclists in Oswego, NY.

There should be a unicycle city somewhere. Where unicycles are the primary from a transportation and the sidewalks are built for trials lines. How cool would that be?

All the time people tell me they can ride or they used to ride but can’t anymore, But strangly enough when I ask if they want to try mine they refuse. But my Neighbor kinda learned when I was learning, he was just always around and would never leave, he woudl sneak on it and stuff. I hate him. But he’s the only other person I know who can ride.

Des Moines

I’ve heard rumors of other unicyclists in the Des Moines area, but I have yet to see one. Currently, i am the only member of the 51st St Muni, freestlye and trials club:) .

Iowa State Univ, about 45 miles away, has a unicycling club. They have a web page, but most of the functionality doesn’t work:(

Since I am a newbie, and the weather is just starting to warm up ( though there is a chance of snow the next couple of days :thinking: ), I am optimistic that I will meet some other uni riders this spring and summer:D .


unicycling is somewhat popular here because of the Gymdandies which im part of.

about 12 people unicycle in my neighborhood. Adam Cohen (justonewheel) taught most of them.

As far as I know, only two people in my neighborhood can ride, and the other person is more into mountain biking right now. He used to ride a lot, but it’s the bike most of the time now. Though as an advantage, I do get to use his MUni when we hit the trails. He got someone at his school into it, but the other person doesn’t live around here. So really I’m the only one who rides much in this area.