Is Unicycling "like riding a bicycle"?

once you learn, will you be able to for the rest of your life?


Well I’m still a young 'un, so I can’t answer from personal experience, but I’ve met older guys (40+) who used to ride when they were my age, and they’ve hopped on mine and rode for a bit, albeit very wobbly, but if they practiced again I’m sure they could get it down. Your muscles are extraordinary organs; their memory is, for the most part, life-long.

Yes, I learned, stopped for ~30 years and was then able to mount and ride again no problem. Taking me a while to build up endurance though.

A guy I met had just started unicycling again recently, he said “fortunately it’s not something you forget”. I suggested that it was therefore “like riding a bike” and he said he only learnt to ride a bike a few months earlier. eek!

What kind of person learns to ride a unicycle before a bike? Perhaps he is the chosen one, who will liberate us from our two wheeled oppressors (and their more-wheeled allies!).

i think it is very much like riding a bike, as in once you learn you can hop back on at any point in your life and ride, but as far as tricks go you lose them, except hopping??.. you can hop on a bike if you knew how b4, but usually it is much smaller hops

how do you know your 17

we need a much older person to tell us

my dad and my uncles had a unicycle when they were kids, and the ones that rode unis when they were kids get on my unicycle and ride it w/in a few trys :slight_smile: … the hopping thing im not sure about, but it is def. that way w/ a bike

When I got back into unicycling at 36years old it had been 20 years since I had been on one and it took me several days before I could ride with some degree of controll. BTW I turned 49 yesterday

Al :O)

Mmh…Interesting. I could’ve sworn you had to re-learn with the two weeks of practicing, I guess you have to learn the freemount again. A person who likes one wheel better than two ('cause it IS waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy cooler) must learn to ride a uni before a bike. I learned to rollerblade (4 wheels per foot, 2 feet) after the uni an still can’t get the hang of it! Then I realized, “Why the hey do I want to rollerblade?” And my bike’s rusty! Then again, so’s my uni 'cause I don’t bother putting it in the shed (why?) with the rest of the bikes 'cause -I’m too lazy to get it and -I’m gonna ride it upstairs(mostly) but I actually use it. Unicycling is so awesome no one should EVER forget it. :sunglasses:

What he said minus 13 years.

it seems like a lot of people stop unicycling in there 20s then start up again when they are 40…

I remember getting so frustrated learning to ride when I was 10. I got so mad I threw my unicycle across the parking lot. I bought myself a unicycle for my 50th birthday, hopped on and wobbled away. I couldn’t even make it around the block though, then I was exhausted and my legs were shaking, that was frustrating!

We didn’t do hops & grinds & stuff in the '60’s (my dad made our unicycles with tricycle wheels, hard rubber!) So I’m working on a little teeny hop now.

The only thing I miss from the old days is hooky-bobbing behind the Tyrannodons.

Anyway, I don’t think any of you will forget a thing.

well a reason some of the people might have stopped, back then, is because there wasn’t as many things to do on a uni, and also like geeta was saying, that some people rode with hard wheels, and the quality of unicycles was not as good as it is today, so anybody who tried anything extreme would need to but a new uni most likely, and parts were not as readily available.but now there is so much more to do on a unicycle. so most of us young’uns won’t stop riding.

Hey all,

If you post here a lot, you will probably have noticed that I haven’t been on a lot recently. I also haven’t ridden for ages either, but on saturday I went to ride street and couldn’t do ANYTHING! I couldn’t even hop up some planter things in town that are only about 20 inchs high! Although the longer I rode for, the more things came back to me, and by the end I was hoppping up to the planters. I am going to try to start riding more regulaly(sp?) so that doesn’t happen again!

I don’t think you could forget how to ride in a straight line though.

Rock on!

that would be me then

I learnt to ride uni in grade 3 then learnt to ride bbike bout a month ontwo ago

One of my neighbors used to ride when he was in his teens, and he’s about 40ish now…when I got my uni, he was able to freemount, ride down his driveway, and turn into the street, and ride a little bit…so yes, apparently.