Is unicycling addicive?

Your all stupid.

Game over.

Koxx wins.


Grammar Police.

Your reasurch is bad or non-existant. Pot is chemically addictive, although not as much as other drugs (even legal ones).

addiction (n.) Compulsive physiological and psychological need for a habit-forming substance: a drug used in the treatment of heroin addiction.
addiction (n.) The condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or or involved in something.

Anything can become addictive and some are good: physical fitness, good nutrition, love. And yes, for me, unicycling has been addictive. For each skill I learn to do, the more I want to learn.


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You are all stupid!

Happy? lol

I just find this thread pretty stupid. Some people wont like what Koxx names their uni products, but I am surprised if they argue about that, then why dont they argue about the brand name of Koxx. Sounds pretty familiar to a certain part on a guy. Cough Penis! Cock! cough

I really couldn’t care what they call their unis, what reason they have behind it, or anything about how they get the names. They can call their next uni they make the ‘Pot Smoker’. As long as they are making quality parts, thats good enough for me.

Its their business, and its their decision on how to name their products. Besides, its Koxx, the company with unicyclist who will pose and do a street run on his uni naked. They are the wild, crazy side of the trials world. They probably have the most publicity than any other trials brand.

I never realized what those names were refferencing, just interesting and I thought kind of kool. I am against doing anything promoting drug use, but just these names alone isn’t enough to turn me away.

The main reasons I’m not considering a Koxx is they are hard to get here in the US, and KH is better. (I’m drooling over the new KH guni and can’t decide between a KH frame, 20" wheeled street guni, or KH 29" guni)

Yes, I am happy now :slight_smile: Most of the people I talk to on MSN that aren’t from North America have better english typing skills than native english.

Like I said though, my personal preference is to eliminate drugs from my life.

I am wearing a Dimmu Borgir “Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia” shirt, it pictures a naked woman bound with barbed wire. Just if you want something ironic to compare.

Before anyone explodes about me posting again… I replied because it seems some people either aren’t getting my argument behind not buying Koxx personally, or they’re just not showing it…

Also, nobody got my joke near the top of the page.

get a sewer to embroider one for you;)

I never realized what those names were refferencing


If these terms were fairly known I would only get a Koxx if I planned to repaint it. Widely known I wouldn’t even consider it.

:angry: :smiley:

I think those two smilies made sense. If not, too bad. =p

I eliminate drugs from my life to, except some caffeine from pop or coffee every now and then. I have never done drugs, I never will. When the friends that I have do, I leave and do something else. I stay away from it as best as I can.

Thing is, these are unicycles, not drugs, sure they are both addicting, and dangerous in some ways, but they are both different things. But why eliminate a unicycle from your life, and all other Koxx products? It doesn’t make sense.


I never realized what those names were refferencing


I didn’t realize that context had to be took too literally. So what if people are calling parts after natural stimulants, they obviously couldn’t think of anything better. If the seat sits nice who cares what its called anyways?

(now off topic)Never did I know that drugs are bad. If anything all that bogus D.A.R.E I was thought when I was a kid was there to influence me on drugs, or at least cigarettes. They teach you not to inhale smoke, not to overdose on alcohol and that anything “but” cigarettes are potentially dangerous. Cigarettes are filled with so many additives(as most drugs are today) that is what hooks people. Also the stimulants are naturally there for offspring uses, so the plant can re-seed again and again. Nicotine is lethal, THC just makes most people goofy. Exploitation is all I see out of this. Engineered drugs are far more lethal and deadly then natural drugs. Thats right sniffing an aerosol can.

I also don’t do drugs, but I know a a lot about them. People have the right to self destruction in America. (on topic)

I have a brother and my father both have past crack cocaine addictions.

Bringing something around called Orange Bud, or White Widow, would surely be noticed by them and make them believe I think drugs are “cool”. I don’t think I said I wouldn’t buy any other Koxx part? I have seperate arguments for those… like price.

I have a brother and my father both have past crack cocaine addictions.

Bringing something around called Orange Bud, or White Widow, would surely be noticed by them and make them believe I think drugs are "cool". QUOTE]

Im sorry about that, I really am.:frowning:

I dont see how that part bold section would work. If you tell them its just a name of the unicycle, and your not supporting the drug.

Just cause a unicycle is named after a drug, doesnt mean you support the drug if you buy it. =p


It’s just how it is.

When I found out the Koxx products were named after various forms of marijuana I was not surprised. It fits right in with their “style,” a style which is not for everyone. Definitely anti-establishment.

I think Koxx are not marketing to children. If they are, they are doing it very badly. I think they are geared mostly toward a Trials and Street market of males roughly age 15-25. If this is true, the nakedness and drug references probably work well. Whether this is true or not, that’s the only market segment the Koxx “style” is a good fit for. In either case David, I also respect your opinion, and those of anyone else who wants to stay away from drug references. Nothing wrong with a policy like that!

In California, marijuana is more-or-less legal for medicinal purposes. So I am not offended. The whole Woodstock generation thought smoking pot was cool, and did their best to stick it to the man. But I still like the Woodstock album.

You had no idea what those terms meant before this thread was started. If I call my brand of uni the catamite and you don’t know what that means are you going to be mad? What if I name it the DMT, the Nazarene Junkie or the DVDA?

Why are you trolling my posts? It’s like you’re trying to get me to like Koxx names.

hahahahaha this thread owns…

i never even thought about it being drug reference, but that is freaking awesome!! haha

(huzzah for a terrible post)


Who here doesnt know a rider that smokes weed?