Is unicycling addicive?

in reference to that New ! a FLAT unicycle !!!! thread, i’d like to emphasize the following thoughts.

New Koxx-uni:
Black Domina

Just a coincidence?

some other unis of Koxx:
White Widdow

Orange Bud

and some more…

Does not look like…
And that is anything but cool, fancy or funny. Its simply stupid… and most of all, its damaging the reputation of all unicyclists and the image of a sport that is getting more and more popular in resent years, especially among children. Which makes the practise calling koxx unicycles after Cannabis- varieties even more questionable. Its irresponsible to name sports equipment which is used by children after drugs.

What comes next?
Get the new cocaine-unicycle: with the faboulous stardust saddle, the incredible blow-tire and the unbeatable snow-brakes. Also highly recommendable our new heroin clothing line. Is that the direction we want unicycling to develop?

Yoggi is at liberty to harm his own health within his own four walls, however I think trivalizing drug abuse and litteraly pulling the clean image unicycling into the dirt is absolutly to dismiss.
Unicycling is a clean sport, i want it to remain clean. Therefore i would apreciate to see that detrimental name giving policy of koxx products stopped.

DAvid Weichenberger

I didn’t know the names were also used for Marijuana…

I think that’s quite rediculous.

EDIT: I was actually looking into a Koxx saddle, but now I think I’ll stay away from Koxx all together.

I don’t think koxx cares what you think.

Cry me a river. A name is a name. It doesn’t matter if it’s also the name of a drug. if the product is good that’s all that matters.

I didnt know Black Domina was also a drug term. When I read it I though of Black Dominatrix.

I like my version better. :smiley:

Whoa I also noticed this but thought it was just me :astonished: hehe kinda funny though:p Danni will chime in on this:D

I think koxx is well advised to care because:

A name is not only a name, its also carrying a message. And the message that Koxx poducts currently carry is: Smoking Ganja and unicycling belong together. Destroying your brain with THC is cool, go for it!

it is not “also” the name for a drug. the names for this unicycle obviously was picked BECAUSE it is a name for a drug. and there is absolutly no reason for doeing so, since there are so many other things that could be used as name giver for unicycles, it does not have to be drugs.

I usually hate people like you, but being drug free is a big part of my life because of how the rest of my family is. If I was offered a free car painted with drug symbols all over it and was told I couldn’t pain over it, I wouldn’t take it.

would you not buy these hubs because they imply that BMXers have eating disorders


Hehe I would just to scare people^^ But dude you need to relax. Most people don’t give two shits if the makers of K1 are potheads. They produce quality unicycles. And yes unicycling is addictive but Pot isn’t. Not saying it’s good for you but man do your research.

I would buy them because of the names.

I won’t buy Koxx because they reference to drugs, and like I said in my previous post.

And an eating disorder is better than a non addicting drug. It’s just a name. I hope you don’t watch Dave Chappelle or Cheech and Chong.

I find comedy funny.

I find real life drugs harmful. After realizing the names, I wouldn’t want to be riding around on an Orange Bud saddle thanks.

Why do you keep posting if you’re saying the same thing. I personally won’t buy it because I keep my life as drug free as possible because of family issues. You saying it’s just a name is taken offensively by me.

I wonder if this is a right-wing nut-job trying to make up for the Uni Magazine thread.

No, I think they really don’t care.

It’s kind of neat that they don’t just stop being themselves just to make a little more money.

Plenty of people ride Koxx, and I’m fine with that, but my personal preference is to not ride Koxx.

People are suffereing from “center of the world” phenomenon here.

I am sure that if you publicized the fact that Koxx uses slang names for pot for all their components and organized a boycott, their sales would go up. Why? Because their core demographic is disaffected white suburban teenaged boys, and guess what? That demographic thinks pot usage is cool! This is definitely an “all publicity is good publicity” situation.

I think that this is really cool. I would love to ride around on a leather black saddle with a green pot leaf engraved in it.

U have just repeated yourself over three times. I think that we should stay cool and agree to disagree. You find drugs harmful, yet there is proof that weed is not harmful, or slightly addictive. It can become a habit, like anything else.

It’s pretty sad that Yoggi doesn’t have enough brain cells left to think of a name that doesn’t have to do with mj.

I have repeated myself because he added new content to his post, that’s all.

I am also fine with you riding around on a seat with a leaf on it.