is udc trust worthy

ihas any one had any problems whith udc like not geting what you wanted or any thing negitive about them because i may get the QU-AX

I’ve ordered from them 3 or 4 times and their customer service has always been great.

I have lost count on how many orders I have placed with UDC and the service has always been great!

Pretty much any website that uses credit card as a form of payment is trust worthy. Many credit cards (or at least visa does so I assume others do aswell) have a policy where if you do not recieve the product or service you purchase then they will not charge you, this means that the credit company will go after the person who sold it to you and the wrath of a credit company is much worse than the wrath of a disgruntled customer.

Yep. Service at UDC.UK has always been great.


iam from brazil and ordered a unicycle from udc.usa

they are great… nice timing and always are ready to ready your questions and talk to you…

when i bought my unicycle i ordered another seat…
them they send to me the unicycle but they forget the seat…
but they sended to me really fast . just like in another 4 day i got the other seat…

udc is great!

Very Trustworthy. If they mess up they do what they can to make the customer happy. Many times doing more than most companies would do.

UDC in the UK are really good, they generally ship stuff really quick, they’re really helpful, and when they do get stuff wrong (usually only small things in my experience) they’re eager to put things right and keep the customer happy.

If UDC in the US are anything like that, then they’ll be great to buy from. I’d certainly be happy to trust them based on my experience.

if you can’t trust UDC, who can you trust?

Definitely. When I bought my first unicycle (Torker CX 24") from UDC, we sent a bit too much money on accident (not much, just 5-10 dollars), and they called us up from UDC HQ (wherever that is) and asked if instead of sending us back a check for 5 measly dollars, they just throw in the DVD Defect with my uni. Freakin awesome if you ask me.

UDC in the United States is great. Very trustworthy and very personable. I’ve had a problem with only one order (a small problem) and they fixed it immediately. It’s a family-run business in Marietta, GA…I visited their business once and they took a great deal of time to explain thing;they are always friendly and helpful on the phone. I buy my uni’s through my LBS who, of course, buys from UDC. My LBS has nothing but great things to say about them as well.

They also are in close contact with all the other UDC’s across the globe. Some recommendations were made to me based on Roger’s advice from UDC.UK. - I’m really glad they did. The KH 24 XC I purchased was exactly what I was looking for.

All hail, UDC.US.UK.NZ.wherever else! :smiley:


That’s someplace around Atlanta Georgia I think.

Defect for $5?? Maybe I should pay too much next time!

Did you know the US UDC’s return policy is that the unicycle can not be ridden. Even once.

Never had a problem with anything I’ve ordered from
First class service.

I love ordering from udc

Well obviously, they don’t sell used unicycles, so what can they do with a used unicycle? Also if they were to accept it then we wouldn’t be able to trust them as much, who knows, would we be getting that used unicycle that someone mis assembled? Yeah it could work out to be perfect, but it isn’t a good practice for a smart business. I’m glad to hear that they don’t accept returned used goods, it tells me that they really value good business values.

how would you know if anything is wrong if you can’t even sit on it? Plus read their return policy on their site. it claims 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means taking one on the chin for a customer every once in awhile.

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Yeah, they’re trustworthy.

Another point, when you go to a dealer ship and buy a ‘NEW’ car other people have test driven it, sat in it, touched it. They never have 0.0 miles on the odometer completely ‘virgin’, and after you do buy the car every major car dealer allows returns up to 30 days or 300 miles. They will then resell the car as new. If your policy is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and someone is dissatisfied with a very barely used product. Then honor that policy you advertise.

Yes but when you buy a Car it was assembled and inspected by a professional. If you buy a uni that has been assembled and ridden you have no idea hwats been done to it. I agree with UDCs policies even though ive never pruchased from them.