Is Trials riding dying?

Hey all,
I havent been riding for like 2 months or so, coz i broke my seatpost but b4 that i hadnt been riding for anotha year or so… But now i hav my new chromo seat post and am riding agen and loving it :slight_smile:

But afta jumping back onto the forums to check out the scene these days, i havent noticed as many Trials riderz out there, all im hearing about is crankflips and all the street riding… im a trials rider obviously but i thought i should ask coz trials CANT die :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

P.S. is Ryan Atkins still riding, and or posting on these forums anymore? i loved his riding haha

Speak to you all soon

yeah i know what you mean, street really is starting to take off.

ryan still rides and comes here every so often, i think.

Well i think trials isn’t dying cause i know alot of people who do trials unicycling and they don’t care what others do. Everyone is different in what they do. MUni, Street, Trials etc

So to answer your question No, trials isn’t dying. It’s just resting. haha :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I dont think trials riding is dying, maybe slacking off a bit but definately not dying. It’s just that street is now getting more popular and I havent seen a trials video made in ages…:frowning: I would make one if I had a video camera and some spare time…

I hope trials isn’t dying!

I am mainly a trials rider and I hate all of this crankflip bollocks! (No offense to anyone that likes crankflips!)

Trials is definatly not dying, in fact, when I get some more time, im gonna be working on some new videos over summer.

Oh, and welcome back!

Rock on!

haha yea sweet as, i prolly did make the title incorrect, becoz even if trials is becoming un popular, its still alive and well in me haha :stuck_out_tongue:

thanx ed mate, how is ur riding goin lately?

ive just watched ryans latest video the spring time one, love it :slight_smile:

speak soon

I’m not really good enough to do any tricks at all, but that’s the only reason why I don’t do trials, promise!

That’s a pretty shallow and shortsighted way of looking at things. Why eat a tasty meal when there’s bread and butter to be had?

why do freestyle riding? It’s basically riding around in circles doing difficult manoevres. Why go hiking, when you can walk around the block?

It’s the challenge and the feeling of success the riders get from landing a difficult (and dangerous) trick, that head rush that slacks off the more you do a given thing. That’s why people do crankflips and spins and stuff like that.

I ride abit of lightish trials

I ride trials daily.

I wish I could

NO, trials isn’t dying.
I will prove it to you when I release my new online vid :roll_eyes:
Only need good weather and some new riding places to keep variaty.

Peter M

I am kind of wierd, the two types of riding i do are trials, and long distance. I classify myself as a trials rider though. I don’t think trials is dying, street is just becoming more popular. It doesn’t matter to me though, i’m not going to start laying out the tripple flips because pedal grabs are out of style…

holy hell!

the tree is amazing, thanks danni!

I aim to please.

wow sombody should do that on a geared uni

I will do trials…someday :roll_eyes:

No, trials is anything but dying.

Does it make you feel good to look down upon yourself all the time triball? There is no “I suck”. YOU FREAKING ROCK! Learn how to hop and you’re in trials buddy.

how about next saterday?