Is Trials Hard?

Im thinking about starting trials unicycling but before I buy the unicycle i would like to know your opinions. I would like to know whether trails unicycling is difficult and how long will it take before i become good enough to really impress people?

Is unicycling hard? How hard is it to impress somone on a unicycle?
In my opinion all unicycling is difficult, it all takes the same type of practice. The question really is, are you willing to put in work to get better?
If you think trials would be fun than the difficulty/fun ratio should be alright.

As for how long, it depends on how good you are. I would say it will be a while before you impress some of the top riders, but for beginners or people that dont ride, if you really practice, maybe one month before you REALLY impress them.

Personally, I think just riding a unicycle at all is impressive. But ride because it’s fun, not because you’re out to impress people.

well i dont have a trials unicycle, but i can impress the hell out of your average dude. i can hop up stairs and stuff, which seems to amaze people. they like it even more if you hop down(clearing the whole set). hopping over or onto anything above 6 inches tall will impress nearly everybody, but if you want to impress a unicyclist, you should hop at least a foot comfortably

also doing tight turns idling and legwrapmounts and cool mounts impress people to

If your only aim is to impress people, you shouldn´t ride a unicycle.

but if this is the case: learn these tricks:
hopping up to one foot up, 3 feet down
kick up mount
jump mount/180 jump mount/suicide mount
180 unispin
big no footers
riding backwards
seat drag
one footed riding/idling

Sorry Moth, but this is definitely one of the dumbest questions I’ve seen in these forums. Is Trials hard? Well, it depends what you land on. Ha-ha, based on the same question being applied to regular unicycling. Some people will never be “really impressed” no matter what you do, ever. Want to impress your parents? Figure out how to make lots of money ethically and they’ll be way more proud than if you can hop massive gaps. Want to impress the ladies? Though there are exceptions to this rule, mostly you’re in the wrong sport. Want to impress yourself? Then set goals.

WOOOAAAAHHH, HOLD ON THERE A MINUTE!! Were that true I would have to basically re-think my life. There are many ways to impress people and the unicycle can be one of them. Just don’t let that be your primary reason for learning. I know it was one of my reasons when I learned, but there were always others. And that one’s way out of the picture for me at this point. The only one I want to impress these days is myself! Going to try for my first century next year. Will it be hard? It’d better!

You´re right, Johnfoss, this is what I want to say. Maybe I haven´t chosen the best way to say it, this is because my english is not very good. Sorry about that. XD

Moth: It´s difficult to answer your question, it depends on many things. You can base on other people´s experiences. For example how long have taken them to landed some tricks.

ok as of yesterday, i can do all of these! (still getting down the 180 unispin and “big” no footer though)
Now what else should i start working on?
i would consider my direction 50%trials 50%street/freestyle

trials hard? depense about what you think is hard…
I ride now for 3years trial street and flatland and became a pretty good rider (in those 3diciplines…I hope ^^)
If you skateboard it takes a lot longer to get relatif good… :stuck_out_tongue:

hop higher
360 mount
90/270/360 unispin
1ft ww
trick combos
leg wraps

work on those

Trials is as hard as you make it, same as anything…