Is Tioga Surefoot MXPro Pedals good for MUni?

Anyone had any good luck with Tioga Surefoot MXPRO pedals for MUni?

An earlier thread helps, but I am looking for recent data.

I wish Shimano made the DX with larger pins. :angry:

Those are some rockin pedals. But slightly pricey. If it means that much it may be worth it, but I think a pair of Wellgo Wam B-38’s would do the job and be 60 dollars cheaper. But if pedals would mean that much then I think you should go for it, they look to me to be a nice set up for Muni.

I would personally stay away, i’ve heard bad things. I f you can get hold of some defenately go for DMR V12’S POSIBLY MAGNESIUMS) , they are great! Also you can buy ‘terror pins’ for them which are huge!

Re: Is Tioga Surefoot MXPro Pedals good for MUni?

The Shimano pedals come with two sets of pins. One long set and one short set. If your quest is for longer pins that have more grip, then they come with the package. If your quest is for larger diameter pins so they’re more durable, then you’ll have to look for a different pedal.

I do not know what diameter set screws Shimano uses on the PD-MX30 pedals. Maybe someone who has these pedals can measure them.

Aaron, can you give details as to what bad things you heard?


Re: Re: Is Tioga Surefoot MXPro Pedals good for MUni?

The DX (PD-MX30) pedals use M3 set screws. I think they come with 6mm and 8mm screws, although the long ones may have been 10mm. I am now running 8mm screws from McMaster Carr, Part Number 92015A105. They grip extremely well with smooth sole shoes, but do get banged up on rocks. So far only one hole has been damaged and I just tapped it out to 6-32, which I may do to all of them. You could change out the set screws with socket head screws which would make them pretty indestructable at the sacrifice of grip. If you wear soles with lugs of any kind there may not be much difference.
Sorry Rod, I know you weren’t asking about Shimanos. I know nothing about the Tiogas except what I read on the link you provided. There were a few people on the MTB board that said they died early.


Well I know a Mountain biker who had some and the pegs started falling out quickly and then eventually (with abuse-big drops) one snapped.