Is this worth £70?

There’s not really many details about it on the listing but it looks like a muni…Just wanna know if it’d be worth the money:


Can you post the details? It looks like a trials unicycle with an old Yuni frame. The frame looks like it has a flat finish as if it’s been primed but not painted. Main cap bearings are good but not the best, especially for the abuse of trials where the impulse forces are concentrated in a small surface area. The seat post looks like it’s kind of a small diameter, rusted, and bent. It looks like it has a nice, stiff, 40 spoke wheel but I can’t tell what the rim is. The cranks look thin and weak but, again, I can’t tell what they are. They appear to be aluminum.

Since pounds sterling is pretty much an imaginary currency anyway it’s essentially free.

They haven’t really given any details…

It is an older model Qu-ax trials unicycle, though some of the components seem to be different. It has the red Qu-ax hub, which isn’t as strong as the yellow Qu-ax hub, although I am not sure how strong either of them are. I believe it has a DX32 rim which is 38mm wide. I am pretty sure it has a 48 spoke wheel. I have no experience with these unicycles, so this information is all from other things that I have read.

I think it’s a whole Qu-Ax uni. Qu-ax’s are supposed to be really strong, but really heavy at the same time. The seatpost looks bent on this one. And I think these cranks are Square tapered, if so, it’s not really good for trials when you get into high levels.

I can’t really say if it’s worth it, but it sounds pretty cheap to me:p

EDIT: unihopper beat me to it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a noobish question which i should probably know the answer to after all my time on the forums…Is trials doing tricks, downhill or jumping on things??

Jumping on obstacles. Yes you should probably know it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Trials FTW :sunglasses:

it doesnt say anything about it it must be worth 50 quid if its not broken

I would have said it’s a Qu-ax Cross 20" or 24" (I’m not good at telling wheel sizes from pictures).
They have the red hub too.

Did Qu-ax ever equip trials unicycles with those thick-padded muni saddles? It would be unusual nowadays.


No it’s not. They have the yellow hub.

Edit2: ^ I read “muni”. Of course quaxes don’t generally have yellow hubs.

Thanks for all your input guys!

I don’t reckon i’m gonna put a bid in on it cause i’m after a Muni next really.

Maybe someone on the forums wanting to get into trials in the uk will see it and grab a bargain though…

I’m learning lol!

At least i’ll know in the future :smiley:

Cheers jaco :wink:


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I’d say it’s worth the moneybut it would hurt to talk them down. I bet it’s hardly ever been ridden. It looks like that old front bumper might not be compatable w/ newer handles.

Good for light trials, but too small for Muni, unless youre like 10-12 yrs old.

The cranks and hub are ISIS splined but not real strong ~ as much as a Nimbus cotterless hob and cranks (stronger than many cotterless).

It’s a copy of the original KH.

The strong ones do.

not a good uni…
but for £70… not that bad ^^ I would just change the seat and than you can ride a while with it =D

I just had a message back with ‘more details’ and all it said was:
I dont no much about them but it says QUAX BX33 if that helps you?

Like i say i’m not gonna bid on it but if someone in the uk after a cheapie trials to start learning on this could be good :slight_smile:

Well, it seems to be a bid rusty, but if you wanna ride trials I think you should take it! It’s pretty cheap, but a good advide is to be a a new handle and cut the seat VERY much down (or buy a completely new seat :wink: )

Judging my the qu ax pattern, that means the rim is 33mm, which isn’t very wide at all by today’s standards. Looks like the qu ax red hub, which i hear is still strong, just not as strong as the yellow one. It might be worth asking him to check if the hub is ISIS or not…

Qu Ax frames are strong although they do rust and they are really heavy…

And I’d reccomend changing the seat and post…

It’s an OKAY starter uni, but i reckon you could probably find a nicer deal somewhere :slight_smile:

She sen’t me info off the tyre:

'20x2.5 would that be it?

Like i say i’m not after buying it myself but it may do someone for a first trials :slight_smile:

Oh and there’s no buy it now price now but the bids are only up to £31 :wink: