Is this weird?

I can ride up, do a 180 and stall on the seat of a bench and 180 off…but I still can’t do a 180 unispin. Doesn’t that seem a little weird?

Nope not really, 180s and unispins are far different. 180s are much much easier than 180 UNISPINS but i don’t know much, ive only been unicycling for a little over 2 months but as far as im concerned it dosnt seem all that wierd

For starters, I’ve never spoken to anyone who claims 180 unispins are easier off of objects. I’m a big believer in personal preference, but since the consensus seems to be that 180 unispins are easier on flat I would not accept this as fact.

It’s not weird at all. Proficiency in some tricks does not ensure proficiency in others. Just because someone can hop up 5 or 6 pallets does not mean that they can ride one footed. Practice unispins, and you’ll be good at unispins. It takes time.

180 unispin plant?

unispins and plants are different.

if your doing a plant with your foot, its totaly seperate.

its like doing a crankflip vs a zero plant.

or are you doing 180 body spins?

180 body spins are easy, i cant unispin, but i can 180 body spin.

Actually, uni-spins are easier off drops for me. For some reason.

But it’s not very weird that you’re not sticking them yet. They’re tricky. Just stay with it and you’ll get them. :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s not that weird there is a pretty wide difference in the two tricks:)

Yeah like you said about 066999566 he can’t even do 180 unispins so I doubt that he would be able to say what he likes beter