Is this Unizaba?

Since yesterday we have more programs on our cable TV. So my wife was zapping along the new content and saw some MUniing on a Belgian sports channel of which she caught the last few minutes on tape for me. It is about Kris and Nathan doing dome serious downhill. I attach two screenshots.

So my question: Is this Unizaba? Or else, what?

Klaas Bil


Yes, that’s Unizaba. Nathan mentioned that it was recently re-edited to make it in to a full 30 minute TV episode. That re-edited version may have been what was shown on the TV. Nathan or Kris could give you more of the details.

The National Geographic version is expanded to about 25 minutes long and is in their “Total Adventure” series. The title is something like “Total Adventure: Unicycling Mexico”. It has a different flavor than Unizaba, with a British narrator. It supposedly will not air in the US so hardly anyone here has seen it, but it is supposed to be showing in Europe, so maybe that’s what you saw.