Is this unicycle anygood?

is this unicycle anygood for a noob like me? im hoping to move on to abit of trials on it too would this be a good bike to start with?

buy the best you can aford. if that is the most you can pay for a uni than get it, but be reday to replace things as you get more into trials

If your wanting to learn trials then the short answer is no. That uni wont take much before it breaks down.

If you dont mind shelling out the dough for a good uni that will last a long time then chek and look for the Torker DX 20" unicycle. Its a very good uni and has a strong hub and rim so you can do trials on it.


Basically these uni’s are only made to ride on, even minor hopping and small drops will bend your cranks/hub, but it’s okay if you havn’t decided if you’re going to keep unicycling or stop after you’ve learnt it.
If you’re planning on doing trials, I’d get anything splined if I were you, strong hubs like suzue (cotterless) will hold for a while, but eventually it will mess up, best get a splined hub/crankset.

My Dad has one of these unis, and I have ridden it a few times.

It would be fine for a cheap learner uni, the only problem with it is the 140mm cranks it comes with (not mentioned on ebay). These make it a very twitchy ride and would probably be horrible for learning, so new, shorter cranks (from would add about another £10 to the cost. SJS Cycles is also a trustworthy ebay seller in my experience.

If you want to do trials, however, you will need a more expensive uni. This one has a narrow tyre with with very little bounce, no handle on the seat, and most importantly, a cheap square taper hub that I personally would not even use for hopping on the spot, let alone off drops.

Trials unis are pretty expensive (but still very good value), so you have a choice of spending a little now and a lot later (presuming you stick with unicycling), or spending a lot now and nothing for quite a while.

You might want to post on the Trading Post board to ask if anyone has a 20" to sell at the moment, whether it’s one like this or a trials you will still get a better price secondhand.

P.S. I’m assuming from the eBay link that you live in the UK. If you are actually in the US then do what trials_uni said and get a Torker DX, these are
cheap, have a great reputation, but unfortunately are not available in the UK!

it looks like a good learner uni. You might be able to start learning trials on it then upgrade later if you like trials. The seat looks like the one on my sun, which isn’t that good for seat in hops but it fits your hand really nice for sif stuff. If you learn sif i would suggest putting electrical tape over where the back bumper meets the seat to make it more comfortable for your legs.

I agree.

Those unicycles can actually last a long time if you don’t abuse them too much. We’ve had two like that (but they were actually cheesier) and they both lasted upwards of a year. You can usually take them off of 2 foot drops if you’re careful and it won’t hurt it. If you are going to get really into it, though, you may want to get a different one.

And seats without handles are evil. Seriously, if there is a devil then the first thing he would have made was a generic unicycle seat without a handle.

Looks like mine… I bought one like that to learn on, then I got some shorter cranks so I could go faster, then I got a Nimbus 29er so I could go faster, then I got a 36er so I could go faster…

It’s getting expensive now :wink:

It’s fine to learn on, not too uncomfy (but not great in the saddle department!). Probably has a short seatpost, so you may need to get a longer one (e.g. from

For basic skills and some tricks it’ll do OK. If you want more, you can buy a better uni and keep that as a spare / for lending / whatever. If you give up, you haven’t spent much.