Is this uni any good?

i’m looking to buy a trials uni but am hard pressed for $$$ this one’s pretty affordable at $199 but i want to know if it’s not only cheap but cheaply made. will this hold up?

thats the cheapest splined uni on the market and splined unis are the best

so it’s good?

yeah but its slightly heavy it will hold up realy well

Will it hold up? Probably. It is the probably weakest of the splined unis and some people have broken the frame. But, it is fairly solid for the price. I have the 24" model, and it is a heavy beast. The 20" is lighter (i’ve tried one), but still heavy compared to other trials unis. If you want a trials now, get that. If you can wait and you can save up some cash, wait and get something better.

yeah, i’d sort of like it now. :smiley: still, i won’t be jumping off mountains or anything so it shouldn’t be too bad. as for weight, it’s lighter than my current one!

It is ok, the frame isn’t the strongest and its pretty heavy but its still quite good. The wheelset is very strong and that is probably the most important thing on it.

It depends how much of a weight wennie you are :P. The wheelset has a big big big hub, which is kind of heavy. But hey, if you break your frame, you can get a new YUni one fairly cheap.

exactly how heavy is it?

Pish, it’s not that bad. 14 pounds I think I’ve heard. About the same as the Qu-Ax, and only like 1/2 pound heavier than like an Onza or something.

its a awsome beginner trials unicycle (ps i judging by what i have read about them, i never rode one)