is this uni any good?

I’m thinking of getting one of these:
with the nimbus seat and these pedals:

will this be a good combination for a uni?

Yes to the pedals if you’re doing street/flatland. You’d probably want something with flatter or non-existant studs if you’re going for freestyle. In any case they’re very VERY VERY PRETTY PEDALS (i’ve preordered the blue ones).

Yes to the nimbus seat regardless.

Maybe for the uni - can you ride or are you learning? Would you want to learn with something basic to see what your style is or do you already know what you want to be doing? What’s your budget?

I am learning to unicycle and it will be my first one. I plan to ride street/flatland and my budget is under 150 (maybe a little over if I get a good deal on shipping)

I’ve had a 24" Club for a week now and it seems to be a good unicycle to learn on. I chose the stock Club saddle and haven’t had any problems with it but if you want to go for the Nimbus gel it’s probably worth the $20. The pedal upgrade is a good idea as the stock ones don’t have much grip when wet.

Apologies for hi-jacking the thread…but, Davidp: Where in Massachusetts are you from?

There is a group of unicyclists out in the Berkshires that play uni hockey in the winter and do MUni in the summer. There is another group in the Boston area that gets together frequently for MUni and other riding events.

Kevin Kervick

Hey Kevin, I’m in Lowell. Nice to hear from a unicyclist in MA. I may have to keep an eye out for events within driving distance, once I can ride beyond my own driveway that is. :slight_smile:

This thread was helpful.
Thank you guys!