Is this trials unicycle any good?

i’m looking for a trials unicycle because all i’ve got is a crappy learning uni. i found this one and i want to know if it’s worth buying. keep in mind i’m looking for a unicycle with my main criteria being price. however, i don’t want some awful thing that’s going to fall apart as soon as i use it. what do you think?

Trials Unicycle

That unicycles fine, will hold up to good size drops but is heavy. It is a great beginner trials unicycle. I say ‘beginner’, I have seen Justin Khose ride one so they are good.


The decription calls is a “freestyle” unicycle. That’s not the same thing as “trials”, which it is. Lots of typos and outdated info on udc! And they advertise Miyata saddles, but don’t carry them curently!

And somewere they say the DX frame is red… which it’s not. It has red stickers…:stuck_out_tongue:

so is it good or not?

Its good.

Ive had mine for a long time now, and its held up great, you can see some pictures in my gallery =p