is this right? saddle looks bent.

Some of the early saddles were very odd shapes, i’d believe that if that saddle were tipped forward a bit it would be reasonably comfortable. Were you asking about what people thought of the uni or just commenting on the saddle?

no, it looks like that saddle has been dropped a hundred times too many and bent that seat seriously badly

the front metal handle (almost out of shot) should be horizonal not vertical and it should be level with the rear rail

I can’t believe it is “Very comfortable” but I remember meeting some Ukranian unicyclists whose seats were bent up like that at front and back on purpose.

The seat stem clamp looks too low to be very effective in that picture too.


Looks like a normal dm contour saddle to me, but its been rocked right forward. the middle should be low and the curve at front and rear fairly steep. personally I don’t like them much as saddles go, but they were better than the Tbar they replaced!
Its proadly been dropped a bit as its the original 15 year old saddle, but if you get it for a good price you can upgrade bits if you don’t like them.


Hilarious, he’s selling a bent saddle :stuck_out_tongue: