Is this right for me?

I have been looking into the torker DX, but i heard their are some others in the same price range that are “better”.
I am a beginner so not going to spend $650+ CAD for KH, im looking for something that can take a good beating. From other sports like skateboarding, biking, aggressive inline skating etc…, i found that buying something that can take a good solid beating is good to start off with. Just by what people have said the DX seems pretty strong also it looks it, yet people have a problem that it weighs a lot.

If anyone has any shops that sells more that KH unicycles in the Vancouver area (B.C Canada), that would be great.

the Torker DX is really solid, but alot too heavy, for the same price range you can get a Nimbus Trial you can upgrade it with KH Moments cranks but the Venture cranks seem pretty good too. The nimbus is better than the Torker DX, and it is a lot lighter but just a bit heavier than a KH.

The Nimbus, KH and Qu-ax splined ISIS cranks are all interchangeable and available in lot’s of sizes, as well as costing less than dx items.

For a while there was the occasional sale that make KH or Qu-ax seem real affordable. Right now I would get a 20 " Nimbus trials after googling a lot to make sure I didn’t find a better deal.

The Koxx one has a good rep except they use a Koxx ISIS spline that I have heard isn’t the same as the other 3 brands.

Being north you should check out Bedford ,CA . Not a very slick web site but I never read anything but good feedback about his biz.


For the last time, Koxx ISIS is compatible with all other ISIS spline interfaces. MY Koxx cranks fit on my KH hub, my Raceface ISIS BB, and the Koxx ISIS hub.

Do your other cranks fit on your Koxx ISIS hub?

My KH cranks do as well as my Raceface cranks.

When did I miss this news?

I am pretty sure they used to warn at UDC USA that Koxx 1 ISIS was not compatible, but now that I checked, they don’t say anything about moment crank compatibility now.

When did that change ? Regardless, if you buy a dx, new cranks are 100$/pr and you can never use them again on a different uni.

Koxx 1 riders seem to be happy with their rides from what I read. If their cranks are really sorted out good for them.

Koxx 1 and KH seem the best slightly, with Nimbus and Qu-ax strong but a bit heavier. Try to find a sale or good price on those. Right now Qu-ax seems scarce, and the 360 $ KH 07’s are all gone. Koxx 1 had a sale a while ago but I don’t know how that worked out paying freight from France.

Is this still they only place to buy Koxx 1 in the USA ?

yes and they are great to deal with. Tom gave me a great deal on mine.

KH 570 $ is overpriced now compared to Koxx at Renagade for 400 $.

There isn’t that much difference between them. If you will spend 100 $ to get a lb or so lighter uni, go K1 because of price-weight- strength-standard ISIS.

However, if saving 100 $ now sounds good, the Nimbus uses a lot of the same parts as KH, is strong, and you can swap out the frame easily later to shave a lb. I don’t think it matters much really unless you are a very skilled rider. Until you are whipping it all around, I don’t think you will be able to feel the extra weight of the Nimbus.