Is this right clearance for a KH29?


So I got a KH29, and I love it. Saved up for ages for it, so glad I got it.

Anyway, I saw a couple of people on unicycles today. One was on a KH26 and the other was on a Nimbus 26.

We looked at each others unicycles, and I noticed the amount of clearance space on mine vs his. His clearance space was around 5CM. Mine isn’t.

You can hardly put your finger under it, and the treads on the tyre only just miss the frame. Earlier a stone got stuck on the tyre and hit the frame and caused me to fall off. The tyre is the one it came with, haven’t changed it at all. I bought it brand new from

The space between the frame and the tyre is around 2CM.

Here are some photos of it:

It came with a WTB Dissent 29" x 2.5" Tyre, I did not change the tyre. I didn’t do a tyre swap, it is just the one it came with.

I have two muni frames, a 26" Nimbus and a 29" Qu-Ax, and there’s very little difference between them in the length of the fork legs. I’ve swapped wheels back and forth pretty freely. The biggest distinction is the location of the rim brake mounts, which matters less as disc brakes get more widespread. The thinking at the time might have been that 26" tires would be wider than 29" so there wouldn’t be a big difference in outer diameter. That’s maybe less true these days. And of course now we want frames wide enough for really fat 26" tires. Things change.

Looks good to me, I don’t have a KH 29er but that’s not much different from the pics on udc (You have a 2.5w tire the one in this picture is a 2.4w). It seems to be working well for you anyway so there’s nothing to worry about. :slight_smile:


:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

(This seems to suggest that it isn’t working well for him)

Looks like plenty of clearance unless you’re riding through thick mud. Those huge knobs on that tyre look like they will pick up sticks and stones, so can’t really blame the frame. I’d ride it for a bit, and then depending on where you ride, possibly upgrade the tyre.

The upside of that frame is more knee clearance, and a fractionally lighter/stiffer frame :slight_smile:

What’s your tyre pressure? Could it be over-inflated?

Just measured mine (Kenda tire), I have 1cm clearance - just under half an inch.

Looks about right. I’ve got a 2.35 on my KH29 and there’s not loads of frame clearance.

As I understand things the frame clearance on the soon to be released KH29ers is increasing to accommodate a 3.0 tire (that will come standard).