Is this real?

Is this a 2008 KH? It doesnt say what year it is, but as far as I can tell its 2008. The only thing is their selling it new for $450 so i dont know… Is this a bargain or what?

It’s probably an '07, but still a good deal.

are 07’s much worse than 08’s, whats really different?

$450? I got my KH20 (07) for $350 in October last year.


Also I think that’s an 08 version, because it has the black KH hub.

Ya, it looks like an 08 (black hub, trail mix pedals) but even if it is just a stock picture and is still a 07, I wouldn’t worry, the problems with the 07s were frame, post, and some of the links breaking in the rim. Unless you really abuse your uni you should be fine.

Its an 08 in the picture, but unless you are really tough on you uni the 07 will hold up perfectly.

where were you able to get the 07 for $350?

No where anymore.