is this real?!

found a nimbus trials for really cheap i think…
is this
the same uni as this
because its alot cheaper!
i feel like something has to be wrong here though… thats just not right

Not the same at all… lol

EDIT: The one on is NOT ISIS… Thereof its not really worth buying for an experienced rider

It doesnt have the round logo on the frame, has silver cranks.
It does have a sticker though?


No the cheap one is a couple years old… at least thets what I heard in another thread.

Its ISIS, thats the main difference.

alright, guess i should have looked a bit more. but is it still alright? i mean im just getting into this and want some freestyle but mostly trials… would it hold up. or is it a deffinite no.

It should hold up for a while. one recomendation, no intence jumping…

but is it worth getting, or should i just wait until i can get the isis one? im not gonna be jumping off anything more than 4 feet or so…

yay or nay?

I would save up. You will probably end up getting better sooner or later :wink:

Depends on your money … Id say Nay… get something even cheeper to learn on, and get a nimbus in the long run.

ok. i mean, i already have a sun so i guess ill just save up… thanks for the help guys!

uh. Yeah, about that.

2 to 3ft drops did this -

(i have a straight edge against it showing that its at a severe angle. In the end, i ended up with an atleast 30 degree bend.

I bought a unicycle very similar to that when I was learning and have since spent more than the price difference on replacing broken/bent square taper cranks, I don’t think I have ever taken it off anything higher than 3 feet.

save up…
and the picture is enhanced by the fact that your pedal end of the crank is skinnier than the part where it meets the hub… i’m not surprised at all that that is bent though.