Is this possible


Just had an idea for a trick (that i will never be able to do)

From sideways wheel walk (standing, holding seat) flick the tire with your foot and make it flip (full rotation) then land back on and continue sideways wheel walk

Does this make sense?

its kinda like a donkey kick but from sideways wheel walk and you never put your foot on the frame


the only thing, is that would be really stupid to actually do, because it doesn’t matter how the pedals land because your not landing on them.

True, i didnt think about that, but still could it be done


It would be cooler if you were sideways wheel walking then did that flip and landed back on the pedals:)

Oooooh, that would look sweeeet

Come on, somebody film it!!!:smiley:


ask Shaun…:slight_smile:

Shaun, can you film it :smiley: pleeeeease

haha, Ok I will tomorrow. I’ve done it before a while back. It was a friend of mine’s a idea. Crankflip to wheel walk, crankflip back to pedals. (90 up, 90 down, no body rotation). I’ll put it in the vids for tomorrow. Sorry they weren’t out today, spent the time with my girlfriend (come on it was 10 days, i missed her) instead of capturing and editing. However, it is what i’m doing right now. (Capturing and Editing that is.)

-Shaun Johanneson