Is this online shop okay?

How is the service? Shipping time?


They’re Miyata’s main site, based in Japan and have very strong links to the Japan Unicycle Association, so should be fine.
Go on, get a titanium or carbon Miyata, you know you want to…


They are bastards.

They sent my order by seamail when i selected airmail. So I’ll get my stuff over a month late.

Correspondence was terrible. In reply to my emails they sent me emails addressed to ‘Petra Pelinger’ explaining how my parts would arrive at a German port in may (in in Australia) .

Finally when i got a reply that seemed to be intended for me me, They said I ordered sea mail and not airmail, that 2800yen is price for seamail. Absolutely not the case, i checked the site ordering with seamail instead of airmail and it costs 1800yen.

So pissed off.

I had trouble many years ago trying to order a Titanium unicycle- they didn’t reply to my email but I guess it might be that you need to email them in Japanese?

Petra Pliniger orderet a few times stuff from then and as far as I know it always worked. But I dont think that they speak perfect english so maybe they got your order wrong.

It sounds like the MYS shop is still not well-equipped for international orders. That’s too bad, since they have some unique products.

I don’t think it’s a direct Miyata connection though. If I understand correctly, MYS stands for “Make You Yourself” and is one of the businesses owned by the guys that started the Japan Unicycling Association back in the late 70s. Its original purpose, I think, was to act as a distributor for Miyata products throughout Japan, probably as an alternate to the standard bike shop route. Later they added other products.

But I think their international business is still a small trickle, and perhaps not enough to justify them spending a lot on whatever it is they need for better communications. And, since the international orders are probably outside their normal, day-to-day operations, they may be more prone to errors. I know they are good people on the other end (I’ve probably met many of them), but nobody’s perfect…

The Garda carbon frame looks very nice

Does anyone actually have pictures of the old Titanium frame that Miyata once had on their site? The one fitted with that Monty 19" wheel?

Miyata lollipops aren’t that bad, as people make out. You don’t need to worry about overtightening your bearings like on standard bearing holders.

i just drooled a little on my key board. how much are they???