Is This Okay?

My Kh 29" has the wider rim with the drilled out holes. My new KH 24" has it also. There is more tire pressure in the 29 than the 24 so I expect more tube expansion but the difference is so drastic. Even with added tire pressure to the 24 the blue rim tape doesn’t pop out of the holes. Is the 29er okay like this? I’ve only got about 100+ miles on it and no problems.



I dont know quite what the cause is but my friend just had this problem on his tire and it lasted for quite a while but just a couple days ago the tube exploded through one of the holes in the rim, and he wasnt even riding it… It was pretty narly I should probably get some pictures… the only thing I can think to try is getting a new rim strip before your tube blows through a hole too.

If youre worried, get another 29er rimtape or some other tape and get a second layer on it, will be stronger.

yeah, like they’ve said, add some more rim tape. otherwise that could end up bursting the tube.

Hmm that’s not so good.

What pressure are you running in the 29’er? Must be quite high. The wider 29’er rim with the drilled holes was mainly for off road riding and as part of that lower pressures, no probs like that when used that way.

I’d either get a second 29’er wheel made for road use with the narrower 29’er rim that has no holes, or much easier, get some high tensile tape to use instead of the standard rim tape. I’m using that ATM on a 36’er with a drilled rim and at higher pressures, works well.

I’d probably do something soon though, else you could have one nasty crash coming your way.

I don’t have drilled rims on any of my munis, so I haven’t seen one of these without a tire mounted. I had assumed that the drilled out parts were only on the external wall of the rim. Do they actually go all the way through to the inner wall of the rim, too? I figured that there would only be the regular holes for the spokes that went through both walls of the rim.

it’ll probably be fine on it’s own. My only concern would be that the tube sticking out that far is more susceptible to damage during a fall, which could make for a bummer of a ride.

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Don’t want one of those popping. It could happen just from loading multiple unicycles into the car. I agree with the advice to double up or otherwise reinforce that blue stuff. It appears to be way stretchier than it should be! Take a piece from an old Levelor window blind (metal) and put that in there. :slight_smile:

+1 to what every else has said…

or lower the air perssure quite a bit…

Do you like you new Marathon road tire?

Stupid holes.

I’m confused. Why are there holes?

When I first got this unicycle it had the Stout tire on it with low pressure for off road riding. The blue rim tape and tube still bubbled out of the holes. With the higher pressure it looks the same but feels harder (naturally). I lowered the pressure to 15 lbs and they still stick out just the same, but feel squishier.

I will reinforce the rim with something.

I really do like this new tire. Riding is a lot smoother and I feel like I go faster although that may be more mental.

Super G, holes are drilled to lessen the weight of the wider rim. My 29er is lighter than my Nimbus 24. Also it looks cool.

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