is this ok ?

o.k so i am going to be ordering my FIRST unicycle tomorrow or monday and i was just owndering 24" unistar lx 48 spoke wheel and a stand for $69.97 try to hurry i dont know what to do thanks for the help jenny

Excellent choice for a first unicycle. Torker makes good stuff and it’s inexpensive. The LX is particularly rugged. The 24" wheel is probably the most versatile. The flat crown on the LX will allow you to develop one-foot skills more easily. The price seems low. Get it.

Great choice for a first Uni!!!
My first (and so far only) is a Nimbus Muni, but sometimes I looked at those Unistar LX 24inchers and figured that I could havge done just as well with one of those.

My daughter wants to get a 24 inch uni–the Unistar LX is exactly what I want to get for her (and for me too–my nimbus is a 26 inch)

Go for it! You chose well! (and the price is right)


I have to agree with everyone else. I just got the LX about a month ago and it’s been great. Much nicer than my Savage. That’s what I paid for mine off E-Bay,is that where you’re looking? Mine came from The Bike Source,pretty good service but very slow shipping mine.

I learned on my Torker LX 24in (bought it 3 weeks ago). Expect the bumpers to look like shit fast and the pedals to be scraped a lot fast also. You can expect to lsoe those caps on the end of the cranks too, I’ve already lost one but they’ve both fell off a ton of times I’ve just noticed all the other times. The spokes are already creaking like crazy on mine too. But overall it has been a great uni to learn on and it’s been fast and easy to learn with for me.

The black Torkers are the best sub $100 standard unicycles. An excellent choice for a first unicycle.

The chrome Torker CX unicycles are not so good. They don’t have as good of a wheel. The seat is also small and only suitable for young elementary aged kids. Not a good choice for a first unicycle unless you’re 6 years old.

Black Torkers good. Chrome Torkers not so good.

If the chrome Torkers are not so good, then the black ones must be GREAT.
I have been riding a 24" chrome Torker for the past ten months and the only real problem I’ve had was bending the wheel by falling on it while attempting seat drag. I must admit the seat is not especially comfortable, but I can still ride several miles without being overcome by saddle soreness, despite the fact that I am almost sixteen and six feet tall. The saddle is also very sturdy; I have dropped it on the cement thousands of times and it’s still holding up well. Even hopping on the wheel has not put it much out of true. Of course, mine is a 2003 Torker which is slightly different from my brother’s 2004. I don’t know if there is much difference between the two. In any case, the chrome Torker’s are reasonably good beginner unicycles, especially given their price.

u may want to get that looked at?