Is This Normal???

I bought a KH20 at the start of the summer…no tricks yet.

Yesterday i was doing some maintence check. I spun the wheel and put my finger between the wheel and the frame. At certain points the wheel hits my finger. I think this must have been the case when new as ive never dropped it and no trials yet. Am i right in thinking that the wheel is off centre?? If so is this normal or can it be easily fixed.


You likely just need to adjust some spokes in order to bring the wheel back into true. The wheel may have been that way from the factory however most new wheels will run out of true after some use as the spoke tension may change (i.e. a bit of a break in period)

If your not comfortable adjusting spokes then hopfully you have a bike shop near that can do it for you.

And yes it is normal and should be easy to fix.

As well, welcome to the forums

Thanks for your reply
Although ive been unicycling for almost 2 years (i never botherd to lean freemount idles, etc till recently when i bought my kh20 and a nimbus performer giraffe 5-7ft) i have no idea on maintence. I have a number of bike shops about 10 mile from where i live so yipee.

Any idea how much this would cost in an average bike shop??

Depends on the bike shop, but it would probably cost about 10 or 20 dollars to get it trued.

If you want to try it yourself (which I recommend, it’s not as hard as it sounds and it’s a useful skill) then this is a good place to read about wheels. You can probably skip down to the section on tensioning and trueing, but the rest is useful information too.

Am i right in saying i need a special tool? sorry to be stupid :slight_smile:

It’s quite obvious that you’re touching the unicycle in it’s “no-no zone” and it’s angry at you for doing so. Be glad it’s only the wheel hitting your finger.

When the pedals get angry, things get bloody.

Not a stupid question. And yes a good spoke wrench is a great tool to have. they come in different sizes so you might want to take your uni into your bike shop and have them sell you the correct size wrench. If you buy one from them then maybe they will give you a quick lesson in basic spoke truing.

… unless you live here…
then they will try to charge you like $60
and get all defensive when you ask.

That’s to bad. We have at least 7 bike shops here and I can’t think of one that wouldn’t be happy to show you how to perform a minor repair.

Of course maybe their just hoping that you might screw it up royally and that they’ll get the repair in the end.

As has already been pointed out, your wheel is out of true, and you will need a spoke wrench (or lots of patience with an adjustable wrench) to true it.

However… unless it’s more than 5mm or so out (how much does it miss your fingers on other bits of the wheel), then to be honest, I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s not something that you’re going to notice with everyday riding, and until you get on to big jumps and stuff, isn’t something that’s likely to affect the strength of the wheel. Even 10mm is probably ok.

Also, when you say it’s the wheel, do you mean the rim or the tyre? It’s quite normal for there to be more variation in the tyre than the rim, so if it’s just that, then I really wouldn’t worry at all. Deflating and reinflating may help, but will probably just result in it being out of true elsewhere.


Your wheel must be severely f***ed up. Seriously. At that point I don’t think it would even be an issue of strength anymore…
Also, I don’t think there’s even enough clearance in a KH frame to allow for that big of a problem.

If it’s way out, take it to the shop, and while you’re there buy a spoke wrench so you can maintain it yourself. I tried to do my first wheel true on an old kids bike that was visibly misshapen, and it didn’t turn out well.

my wheel still turned and it was at least 2 cm off at the rim. i think the tire has a tendency to stay straight even if the rim is tweaked.


Maybe it’s your finger that’s out of true!?

it depends. the pointer finger usually just accuses, but the middle finger takes care of business.

I wouldn’t change anything yet, the tire is never a good way to tell if a wheel is out of true, better to check at the rim, if the rim is wobbling back and forth, then you will need to true the wheel.

Yeah, I guess we all just assumed he meant the rim when he said “wheel.”

Thanks for bringing that up.