is this muni good?

hey all, i got a unicycle for christmas and cant get off it
its a savage 24 inch thats falling apart. i go down steps and ledges and hills and bare;y holds up.
i do rough terrain and a lil trials but i dont like the small trial wheels so i wanna buy a muni.
is this one good and will it hold up well to steps and ledges?

No, it’s not very good. It has a square tapered hub, you’re just gonna keep breaking it. Try the Torker DX 24inch, or any other uni with a splined hub.

wat about the nimbus with the isis hub?

Yeah, I assume that’d work. ISIS hubs are strong.

Hey, if you can afford it, definitely get the KH 24. It is by a long shot the best uni out there for the price, so if you get it you won’t look back, ever.

I say the nimbus isis muni and just upgrade the cranks to kh. It is arguably stronger and cheaper. Plus with the saved cash you can pick up some mag pedals or a carbon fiber base.

Best uni for the price?

That would be the nimbus ISIS .

Yes, that’s the one you want. (linked above)

I think you may need to start a poll; unikid32 - otherwise thing’s are going to get confusing with eevryone telling you something different.

How much have you got to spend, how much do you weigh, how extreme do you intend to ride? I had the uni you linked to and it was fine for a couple of years, if you’re light and aren’t going to do big drops then it will be fine. If you feel you might brak it then the Nimbus ISIS would be my choice (personally I ride a KH but they’re a lot more money).

I bought that uni and slowly upgraded it to a KH rim/ isis hub. If you have patence to build a wheel and a steady but smallish flow of cash then its a go. The pedals, frame, seat and seat post have all held up to mederate abuse.

If you can’t be assed get the nimbus isis! (But then end results wont be as good as my current set-up I belive)

Pardon me for asking, but how did you manage to fit the ISIS hub in that frame? specifies it as having 40mm bearings (as do all square taper hubs i believe). ISIS hubs all have 42mm bearings. Did you machine out the bearing holders? I ask because i am wanting to do the same thing to my Torker AX.

I did the same when I put an 05 KH hub in my nimbus frame, if the frame has pressed steel bearing holders they are lower tolerance and you can get away with just shoivng the 42mm bearings in them. It probably decreases bearing life but I never had a problem with it.

Oh i see…wouldn’t work with cast aluminum holders…
back to the drawing board…

Thanks for the info though.


I would go for the Onza 24" MUNI. cheap and strong and just good in general.

I would definitely buy the Nimbus isis and upgrade the cranks to moments. In fact thats what I did except with a nimbus trials and I’m planning on doing the same with the nimbus isis muni once I get enough money.

thnk u
i think im gonna get the nimbus isis