is this good for my age?


do think this good for my age im 10. I can hop about 10 inhes i can hop up sets of stairs and can do some basic trials lines.And i can prehop with my seat in.

         Does anybody have any tips for me?

thanks, kenny


Nice job. How long have you been riding and what kind of unicycle do you have? As for a tip, just try to ride everyday I guess.


I think you are already owning tylercox…

pah, maybe at trials. But Tylercox is CRAZY good at freestyle. he’s better than me I think. he is AWESOME.

but ksanunis, you sound like you’re pretty good for 10. just keep practicin’!

There are a decent number of kids around your age at my local unicycle club (the New York Unicycle Club, AKA the Unatics) and I don’t think too many of them are able to do what you can do. It seems to me that you are doing great! Keep practicing and you’ll be a Pro by the time you’re in your early teens :D!

Hey all,

I live four doors down from Kenny. He may be a lot younger than me (I’m 19), but he’s about the only other rider I know of in Adrian. What’s cool is that even though we have a huge age difference and are far apart in riding levels too, he’s never intimidated.

I told him that he should post on here, because I thought that what he was doing is pretty impressive for his age group.

It was sweet today when we went riding at a local park. There were quite a few people hanging around and watching us, even trying to ride. Kenny, no kidding, learned how to hop about a stair’s height just a few days ago, and he also learned pre-hopping onto them in just a day! Now he’s got stairs pretty much down, and was even hopping and pre-hopping onto stuff a few inches bigger. Out of the blue he hopped up two sets of stairs. the first set was a seven set, and then it went to four feet of flat, to a (I’m pretty sure) six set.

I was planning on making a gallery to feature my riding pics and vids, and he wants to go in with me. So we’ll be posting stuff within the month, hopefully…


DK, I think Tyler owns you; you can’t stop talking about him.:wink:

Kenny, sounds like you’re doing great. Keep on practicing!

Wow, I always thought I was kind of a Newb at freestyle. Maybe I just think that because of the way Evan Byrne talks to me. Anyway, that totally made my day!

AAAAaaaawwwww! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, you’re cool Mr. Tyler and the forum people here love you. You’re like our little forum pet. In a good way! :smiley:

hey tyler how your 1 ft wheel walk commin?

I guess you haven’t heard much lately, I’ve not only MASTERED 1ft WW, but I can also semi-flawlessly glide.

Holy crap! My day has been made AGAIN!!! Not only did I just drink the best friggen smoothie of my life, but then I log on here and I am the official forum pet… This day rocks!!!111oneoneone:D