Is This For Real??

While searching around the gallery i stumbled across this interesting pic…anyone know anything about it, is it real, what did he land on, any video clip[s perhaps???

big drop.bmp (792 KB)

yes its real and i think he did land it :roll_eyes:

That’s Yoggi, but no, he didn’t land his 14-ft drop. There’s a video of the attempt in his gallery.

That’s Yoggi from France.
Here’s his gallery: YOGGI TOULOUSE
Here’s two threads that mention that drop and post the picture:
World’s highest unicycle drop??
Unicon XII photos

damn bmp. format…no im not clicking that thing.

He landed on that tyre thing but kept getting bounced off. So yes he landed, but wasn’t able to ride away from it. From memory he tried at least 5 or 6 times until his wheel was semi tacoed.

Here ya go jagur …

I was there and he did it 8 times, he never landed it.

i couldnt find the vid does anybody have a link to it?

there is a link on the unicyclopedia, but it doesn’t work anymore…

Now that is what I call big air! Holly batman! Was the board on top of the tire a tight fit? Did the tire act like a springboard? I would love to see video of the drop if anyone has it.

Can you imagine if we combined Andrews Avatar with this drop? Does anyone have a straw?

A video clip of that drop is in the video ‘unicon TRIAL FALL’ in Yoggis’s video album .

A more impressive drop he did, I think, was during the Muni ride at BUC11 (Yoggi’s BUC11 photo album). I didn’t see it first hand but my son did and said it was unreal. He snapped one or two spokes doing it, anyone else and it would probably have been bones.