Is this common

I just got my first uni (a 20" torker unistar cx) and so far its been great. Ive been practicing the past couple of days and im not really going very far, with my record being about 20’. After a bit of riding and reading i found i needed to lean forward a lot more that i was. I dont know if my buttox is funny shaped or what, but ussually its hard for me to lean forward enough unless im sittin on the very very back end of the seat, but when i do that i slip off the back a considerable amount of times. I also noticed that the front of my seat is at a higher angle than the back so i turned the uni around and found that it was much easier, but was not comfortable with the skinny part of the seat poking my bum and the wide part hitting my legs. So today i took a small hand towel and taped it on the back of the seat to make it naturaly a higher angle. Ive found that this

  1. Makes the seat more comfortable
  2. Helps protect the uni seat from scrapes
  3. Allows me to lean forward more without thinking about it resulting in much futher rides than normal.

Im now almost consistently breaking my record from last night with the towl on. Anywho, i was wondering if anyone else was having trouble leaning forward on their uni, and if so, what they did about it.


I dont really reccomend doing the backwards seat and towel thing, I bet it was just sort of a placebo. Try riding normally now(wih the seat the right way and no towel) just be persistant. I am sure that funny shaped buttox has nothing to do with it. Heck look at me I have got one of the best looking butts out of anyone I have ever met(apart from these two underwear models)., and I have no problem riding. So just keep at it and unicycling wont be such a bummer:p…

I haven’t personally had trouble of this kind, however, judging from some other people’s comments about your particular model of uni, you might want to consider dumping it and getting one that’s worth the investment.

"Stay away from the chrome CX unless you are under 8 yrs old. My youngest still rides with the kiddie seat but a bigger kid or adult will not like the CX seat. " - UniBrier

I also had a Torker as my first uni and had similar problems. Its not you, its the seat. If what you are doing seems to be working, stick with it, but you may want to upgrade to a better seat in the future. (The Torker DX seat is a pretty good deal) Other than the seat I think you found a great starter uni.
Stick with it.

Switching your seat may be the best thing to do. Like previously mentioned, the Torker DX saddle is good. It’s a clone of the arguably better made KH saddle. The Semcycle Saddle and the Viscount saddle are cheaper then the KH and Torker DX, but they aren’t as comfy. All the saddles will hold up to a fair bit of abuse so don’t be too concerned about dropping them.

Note: The Viscount saddle is fairly tough, but the screws holding on the front and rear bumpers are prone to falling out. Replacing the screws with ones a size larger will fix the problem.

I used to have a Chrome Torker (before they were called the CX) and I didn’t know how bad that saddle was until I switched to a Miyata. x

Check out these reviews from of the seat that you have:

You are not alone with not liking this seat.

I would second what daino said about the Torker DX saddle being a good choice.

The torker LX saddle isnt bad either. It’s just like a miyata saddle. But for $8 more, i’d definitely go for the DX.

The DX saddle does NOT come with a seat post. I would call up and ask them if the DX saddle will fit your CX seat post. If not, you’ll have to also buy a seat post that fits your CX unicycle (looks like a 22.2mm seat post diameter?) and the DX saddle.

Holy crap…and now i just realized that Kris Holm saddles are only $39. This would be the best (and cheapest) saddle if you can get it with a seat post that will fit your CX.

Honestly, i just confused myself a whole lot writing this up. I would just call up (the numbers on their website) and tell them you need a better saddle for your torker CX. If these seats dont cost too much for you, i’d pick the Kris Holm saddle first, then torker DX, then Torker LX, then Viscount or something.

I really hope i didnt confuse you too much. Good luck.

edit: Saddles and seats are the same thing. just calls them saddles. Just wanted to clarify that. :slight_smile:

edit#2: i just assumed you were in the USA. I have no idea why. Theres if you’re in the UK. for New Zealand. for Sweden. for Germany and alot of other places. I’m sure there are lots of other places people could recommend you.

edit#3: I’m losing my mind.

Take it easy, no one ever said that education the world about unicycling would be easy.

Twist- One thing to keep in mind is that unless you get a Savage saddle, you are getting something better then what you currently have.

Now, you are in luck because the seat post you have will fit any saddle with the exception of the Miyata or the Torker LX (which are the same thing anyway). So like I, and several other people, have said, go for the Kris Holm, Torker DX, or Velo (which are all the [basically] same thing anyway).

Are you thoroughly confused yet?

Ok, I think im following you guys. Glad to know my poor riding entirely my fault :sunglasses: It seems like the Kris Holm Saddle would be the best choice for an upgrade> Just got back from youthgroup which i rode it too while hanging on to some friends. It gets quite a bit of attention. Well, i guess I’d better stop procrastinating and do my homework. sigh