Is this common with KH seat posts?

I noticed today when looking around my uni that the bit above the weld on the seatpost was beginning to crack. I’ve only had it like 4 months, and i’ll be annoyed if I have to buy a new one as im poor!
Has this happened to you? Is there any particular reason?

I can’t really make anything of that pic it’s way to close. Can you take another from a bit further out?

yes i will in a minute, but you won’t be able to see the crack as much. It’s the silver jagged bit…

Well maybe just a little further. BTW, please reply asap to my question in JC that you just posted about getting “tackled”.

uhm… well i’d say 4 months its holding up quite well. Just look at the amount of broken aluminium reinforced posts and well there you go.

The aluminium posts break all the time. Save yourself a tenner and go buy a crmo one before that one breaks so u have a backup when it breaks.

And since u noticed the crack maybe rotate the seatpost 180 degrees i’m guessing the crack is where your handle is. If you do that u might get abit more out of ur seatpost.

Heres the other picture.

Thanks waaaaay better pic. Yeah, you need a cromo post.

uhm if its still attached and not broken tunr the seatpost quickly around while being very very carefull. Either way order a crmo one quick

It’s looking like kidmuni has done the same, but his is much worse

That’s not my video :roll_eyes:

4 months is extremely good I think :wink:

I usually go through 3 or 4 in that amount of time…


yeah, mine just broke. it took about 2 months