Is this ad for Chinese unicycles using any of your pictures?

In my eternal quest to buy cheap crap, I ran across the latest “wheelbarrow” listing on Alibaba (unicycles are often listed as “wheelbarrows” while those stupid hoverboards are called “unicycles.” :thinking: ).

While I’m intrigued that they’re selling these junkers for about as much as a club now, I found it more interesting that there were a number of pictures that look… distinctly non-Chinese.

A number of these guys are doing Muni, wearing KH Percussion leg armor, and looking very familiar to me.

Go figure, none of them are actually riding the real product.

Chinese ads steal photos all the time, but I thought it would be interesting to see if anybody from here ended up popping onto that ad.

Anybody recognize any of these, or see any of yourself on the sale page?

i think the one with the guy riding on the wall might be from a video I saw of KH. I might be wrong though.

Ok, now this is even more bizarre. This unicycle “made” by “Domlin” is a Nimbus Eclipse, right? Because it sure looks like a Nimbus Eclipse. It looks like someone took the picture of the Eclipse from UDC and photoshopped out the logos. But they missed one on the seatpost clamp! I blew it up - looks like the round Nimbus logo to me.

Makes me wonder what the actual product looks like.

Looks like the same photo of the eclipse at UDC to me.

Ok, how is THIS for a blatant ripoff? The one on the left comes from the Chinese seller, while the one on the right is straight from Look at the spot on the hub where the writing should be, and also at the frame leg where it should say “ECLIPSE,” and you can see that somebody just crudely blocked in color on top of it!

That’s too funny! At least I have to give them credit for a decent Photoshop effort. Just with a casual look, you’d never know. Not knowing anything about where Nimbus makes their unicycles, I might guess that these unicycles are made in the same factory on the same equipment as the Nimbus, just without the Nimbus name. I’ve run across that with other products, but I agree, it does make you wonder what the actual product looks like. I’m sure the seller wouldn’t do anything unethical (wink, wink!).

I also think it’s a bit annoying that they call hoverboards “unicycles”, but I also run into the same issues when searching for “gas scooter”, so I think the sellers use just about every key word they can think up when advertising. When I look for “unicycles” or “gas scooters” I get dozens or hundreds of results for hoverboards. I found when doing searches, adding “-hoverboards” in many search engines will exclude that result.

I’ve run into that situation before with imports from China (sometimes I buy and sell various things in small-bulk from them, so I’ve dealt with the… uniqueness of Chinese business practices before), but if that was the case, it wouldn’t be such a blatant photoshop. If it’s made on the same equipment, they wouldn’t need to steal the picture and MS-Paint away the logos.

Chances are, the product they actually sell is far, far different from what they’re picturing. Maybe I can get a sample and find out. :smiley:

ha ha, yes not a Nimbus and yes a good bit of photoshopping. The specification really made me laugh. The High quality Mountain Bike saddle made from PU and the aluminium pedals. Feel sorry for anyone who actually goes and buys from these guys.

This is one of the reasons why and QuAx get things made in Taiwan. You can not only trust that you get what you order, but also that you have some protection from blatant plagiarism.

The problem is not just with the goods them selves but also the materials. The aluminium that comes out of China is not always to be trusted. We have noticed products that are failing due to material substitution. Luckily we are aware of this and test the material we use. It has got so bad that new Impact Groovy cranks are being made from material shipped in from Switzerland!


And the best of all: it is a “self balancing unicycle bycycle”. :sunglasses:

No, you are not wrong; it is indeed KH on the Great Wall (p.75 in his book).

Roger, any chance you can go after these guys for using your pictures? Or do you not care or is it not worth it?

I only ask because it kind of irk’s me that these bastards just go online and steal pictures of a legitimate product and legitimate rider, and use that to sell their junk…

I liked that, but the crapcycle in OP got these nice descriptors:

“adult professional acrobatic car”
“Child balanced car”
“environmental fitness car”

Don’t think there is anything we can do, but I will speak with one of my Chinese friends to see what can be done.


Trade Marks and Copy Rights is internationally respected, unless you are China that is.

The Chinese are renowned for having no regard for either. They mass produce trade marked and copyrighted products better and more efficiently than the rest of the world.

Tires are so last year. Experience the joy of the open road in a sporty coupe, perched precariously on four performance-grade imported children. The CBC. By Mercedes Benz.

So I’ve been in contact with one of these guys to see what else I can learn about them (mainly out of curiosity, it comes with having worked as a PI for five years). I’ve told him I’m possibly interested in ordering a batch of unicycles with branding for my new website (not entirely untrue) and have been having a bit of a back and forth with him.

If any of this can be useful to Roger, I’m saving all of it. I’ve done a handful of counterfeit product investigations in my day so it’s all par for the course.

Some highlights:

Me: “This unicycle appears almost identical to a Nimbus Eclipse. Is it made in the same factory / is this an unbranded Eclipse?”

Him: “Nimbus Eclipse is a brand of unicycle,but we can also produce the unicycle with same specification but with your logo,our price should be much cheaper.”

Then he says: “The unicycle is 6061 aluminum… the quality is good enough for semi-professional riding. We have been exporting large amounts of unicycles to Japan,we have lots of experiences on it.”

I also asked him if it’s ISIS or square cranks and he “isn’t sure what that means so he’ll send a picture.” Ok, at this point I’m very curious as to what he’s actually selling, so I ask for pictures of recent products. This morning I got this:

Him: “Please see some photos of really unicycle we produced for Japan market,it is made of steel frame,the style is a little different from the one you are asking. We export large quantities of unicycles to Japan,also please see the JIS certification as attached for your reference,we got this certification from Japan Unicycle Association but it is wrote in Japanese.”

So he sends me the following pictures, as well as a picture of the cranks his tech department tells him they think are ISIS but aren’t sure.

Here’s my “JIS certification” that I’m supposed to understand.

Here’s the unicycles, a 16", a 20", and a 24", totally different from the pirated eclipse pictures, clearly using the same crappy seatpost I’m very familiar with from my Chinese unicycle video review. At least it looks like they’ve stepped up their upholstery game on the seat itself.

And here’s the “ISIS” cranks. Note the strange adjustment bolts near the splines… never seen anything like that before. It’s like a cottered splined crank.

Again, I’m just sort of playing around with these guys right now, but if this is something that could be useful I can dial up the seriousness a bit and try to get whatever info you need (if anybody even cares). If not, I’ll just press him for a free sample. :slight_smile:

I’m no translator, but the date on your Japanese invoice is 1988. “Showa 63” was a long time ago.

That is absolutely amazing. :smiley: I looked up the kanji myself and you’re totally right. Now I’m trying to OCR and convert the whole thing so I can have a rough idea of what other suspicious details I can call him on.

Edit: Yeah, so that wasn’t very useful. Because of the way this thing is formatted (handwritten text over printed text) it auto-translates into a bunch of jibberish. Highlights from what I got:

[I]Two trial * ‡ · comb
Stem-format 20X over-75 魎, “FLAM over NG.”
Gaya’s name Taikaa circumcised
(G its chubby Kujira)

The abnormal Bato treasure
Drug Brewing
The vocabulary
Dark Yes wheat

Pith `` wealth. One “, a different turn dog Gen’nin Horsehead '-”’
With each order {Na tut, g including ’ `

Clinical 囗本 vehicle inspection Association[/I]

The “typed” stuff is all Japanese and the handwritten stuff is Chinese. Good luck sorting that out.

Oh boy. Well, at least I can call him on the date. I took one semester of Japanese in college and retain about 0.0002% of it. I really appreciate your linguistic insight on this thing!