Is this a typo?

I found this link to some KH moments, but i have never heard of them in a 127, and i am skeptical to buy considering that id ont even know if this is an option for this product. I thought it was 125, 137, 150… but i dont know if these are a product. has anyone ordered the cranks from here?

Lengths and (Weight/pair): 125 mm (560 g), 137 mm (612 g), 150 mm (664 g), 165 mm (682 g)

It’s a typo, just E-Mail them.

yeah, also look how it says that the hub is an onza 36 spline hub, but its really a KH ISIS hub. The whole thing looks kinda sketchy to me.

From their description (ie 36-spline, 6004 bearings, Cromoly arms, Length 127 mm) it look likes they have either stolen the description for this hub and crank set or got the wrong picture. Judging by the price probably the former. Maybe they just buy them from QBP when they get an order for them and have never seen the hub/cranks for real.

I would contact them first before buying them.


thats what i thought…but i thought aebike is where everybody said had super cheap KH stuff…especially if you call them.

They’re $3 cheaper than UDC if they are the KH ISIS cranks.

Maybe if you tell them you’re from the forum Aebikes will knock $50 off the price


will they really do that??

Wouldn’t be the first time…

ask and you shall recieve with them.
they are forced to advertise at a set price.

they are moments I have a set from them all nicey nice just their site is way off…

Thats what the price is when you e-mail or call them.

but what lenght are yours :thinking: b/c 127 is not an existing moment length.