Is this a Semcycle seat? can it be handled?

I don’t remember what they called this seat when I ordered it from a couple years ago.

I ‘think’ it’s aSemcycle deluxe…but I don’t remember. I remember I had to pay to upgrade it to an airtube (but I never got the airtube…and ‘said’ i would be credited…although I never saw it)

I’m wondering…has anyone put a handle…maybe the Reeder handle on this?

This is what I’ve been MUNi’ing with for 2 years. You don’t ‘need’ a handle, but man-o-man what a difference!

Any way, thanks to Velo, and Kris, this air seat is now on my Coker…but I want to put a handle of sorts on it.

Any one upgrade this sucker yet?

The light is one of those valve LED’s…it keeps the valve from sinking into the seat




Looks like a Sem to me.

It is definitely possible to put a Reeder on a Sem. The one pictured above is mounted closer to the seat than I personally would prefer. To each his own, I guess.