Is this a Schwinn Uni too?

I was surfing over at and found they have a forum too so I searched “unicycle”.

In this thread: there is a restored uni:

He did put a Schwinn label on it:

I have never seen such a Schwinn, any comment from our historians?

On another note, there is a Schwinn Timeline in the site too, not one mention of unicyles!

Here is the first image:


strange…ive never seen one like that.could be a fake.who knows?ahh…John knows i bet.

I’m sure it could be a Schwinn. The fork looks a lot like the forks found on older Schwinn cruiser bicycles.


Man I need to get my frame painted like that. That tyre looks like its round with like a Moehawk on it where the tread is. What kind of tyre is that?

Re: Is this a Schwinn Uni too?

“jagur” <> wrote in message
> strange…ive never seen one like that.could be a fake.who
> knows?ahh…John knows i bet.

That is not a production Schwinn unicycle.

However it looks somebody made their own unicycle using a Schwinn bicycle
fork, parts, slick tire, etc.

David Winston

The tire looks like the old slicks they had on the Crate bikes.

That’s a Columbia, you guys. Doesn’t anyone do their homework anymore? There’s some pictures right here:

I notice there’s no overview picture of that cycle, so it’s not real obvious. But I’m pretty sure that nice looking yellow thing is a restored Columbia.

Both Columbia and Schwinn used the popular Ashtabula forks, made in Ashtabula, Ohio. That’s probably why it looks like an old Schwinn fork. Columbia was one of the only unicycles out there that was actually made in America. The Schwinns were initially, but at some point nearly all of it was coming from Asia.

I don’t know about the tire, other than it doesn’t match the one on my Columbia (which probably isn’t original either).

You could ask the guy who posted those pictures too, you know… :slight_smile:

John, from now own I’m going to read your posts in a Bullwinkle the Moose voice :stuck_out_tongue: (And for those of you not familiar with Rocky and Bullwinkle; they had a “Mr. Know It All” segment. Any other Jay Ward fans out there?)

OK, here is the response from Wing: