is this a real Chris Holmes uni?

hello long time lurker and uni rider ive come across a guy selling a unicycle he clams its a 24 muni Chris Holmes i was wondering if i could get some of your guys advice and input? it doesent look like one to me . What do yall think?
should i buy it ?
or is he asking too much ?

It’s probably not a KH, I don’t know about the price… It definitely has a KH saddle and probably a KH seatpost clamp, but otherwise it doesn’t look like any of the KH uni’s I’ve seen. It might just be an extremely old model, but I doubt it.

It might be a Chris Holmes but then who is he/she?:slight_smile:

The seat is a Kris Holm but if the rest is then it must be from very long ago.

Not even comparable to the current KH in any way.

Way overpriced.

I have a real Kris Holm for sale. I see your in Sany, I’m in ogden if you want to take a look let me know. My add is in ksl and here on the forum.

Some people find unicycles on flee markets, return home, check the price, find current models and think they have struck gold not realizing that parts like seats are sold separately…

It is Kris Holm, not Chris Holmes.

It looks like KH seat to me, however the rest of it I’m not sure.

Maybe it’s a old KH, but I’ve never owned a KH unicycle so I wouldn’t know. But I think its not real.

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t craigslist a bit, dodgy anyway? We don’t have CraigsList in the UK, but from what I have heard off the internet a lot of it is not that legit?

Its definitely not worth $250, or even $100.

The saddle looks to be old KH but the rest would now be a close analogue of a UDC club muni (£130/$195 new) with a better rim and tyre. On the other hand, this unicycle has been kept in unknown conditions probably for the last decade.

Someone should warn him that’s it’s just a plain chrome uni… not even a muni.

I like the “Suzie” hub. Guess it must be an “Alice” DX-32 rim too.

Looks like an older Nimbus II w/ hub & seat upgraded to Suzie hub (I think they are all splined) and older Kris Holm seat. Also a width tire.

I believe the widest tire to fit the nimbus II is 2.6".
I’d say probably worth $100

It’s really “Suzue” btw. I was making fun of one of the mistakes in the listing. (Also, the rim is clearly an Alex DX-32, not “Alice” as I said in jest, nor “6061H-T6 507-32” as the seller states.)

Thanks guys I’m visiting Glendale house sitting for a week or so and was itching to ride

That looks like a Yuni. It was the precursor to nimbus. It would be a decent starter, and i think $100 would be fair.

Sent this thread to the seller… :smiley:

Let’s see if he readjust his price!

You “internet hero”. Lol.

I wouldn’t value it at anything more than 100$ like several others who have posted. I’m kind of surprised that he posted a link to this thread because of that honestly…

Don’t know if sarcasm will help him selling this overpriced uni! :smiley:

hah thanks guys your awesome!
yeah it would be funny of i could get the guy to look at this!
hes going to call me next week and i think im going to go take a look and see
most people selling dont like low-ballers but i doubt anyone else is going to look at it lol ill offer him 100 i think thats fair my 20ich has a cracked frame and is tired .

Woo picked it up lol its not a KR lol will post pics later

If its for 100, then it’s cool tho.Those chrome square taper cranks uni from UDC can still take a little beating. The cranks might squeak a little after time, but its ok, you get more saddle time now.:wink: