is this a new trick?

okay, so what you do is ride, then jump up, flip your seat around so you are balancing on it and like in a still stand, only the seat is on the ground, then you drop out of it and are doing seat drag,
that would be cool if someone could do it, it sounds really hard though.
has anyone ever heard of this before?

I’ve heard of someone who was learning to jump on an ultimate wheel, so that he could go into seat drag and then jump over his seat so it ends up behind him. thats the closest I’ve ever heard of though. I think yours wouldn’t work very well, because the top of the seat isn’t perfectly flat so it would be really hard to balance, and also would prolly help to break the seat.

That would probably break your seat very quickly.

There is a video somewhere of someone doing a similar trick. He does seat drag in front hopping, then jumps up over the seat and lands doing seat drag in back hopping. Very impressive!

You can’t claim to have invented a trick if you can’t do it.

Ive seen kirs holm in a mountain bike video do a mount where his seat is on the ground and it not a kick-up mount and it sounds alot like taht execpt he dosent seat drag it.

sounds like a seat whip, but instead of it going around you balance on your seat when its upside down. wierd. i dont think balancing with the seat on the bottom can be done for long.

That would be hard because seats aren’t flat. They are usually tilted up a little so you would probably fall back. I wouldn’t even try that without a CF seat, my old KHs had enough flex with out me balancing on them :wink:

OH! sorry no I dint get ti right… no I havent ever seen it.