Is this a JuggleBug?

I cant tell, is it? How can I tell?


I don’t believe that it is. Compare it with this.

It looks like a Jugglebug. But it also looks like a 16" rather than a 20".


It may be an older Jugglebug also.

I like the JC Penny description:
“Always wear your protective gear. Get a head start on safety! Most injuries can be avoided by wearing proper-fitting protective gear, including elbow and kneepads, and approved helmets. Do not operate unicycle in the street. Check local ordinances and laws before operating.”

The kid has a helmet, knee and elbow pads, but nothing to protect his hands/wrists. You’d figure that if they’re selling unicycles at such an amazingly low price, they might want to have a unicyclist look at their product?

Training poles suck! The kid won’t need wrist protection because the pole will stop him from falling on his hands when he impales himself on it. Then his head will hit the ground first. Note also the very non-ergonomic wrist position that kid needs to use when holding the poles. Though the seat is too low for him, to fit those poles properly you’d probably have to ride with the seat as low as it goes. Poles bad!