Is This a goot saddle?

at the moment i have a really old pashley unicycle i got off ebay and as the seat is huge i’ve chosen to get a new seat for street/trial, im not amazing at either yet so i think a new seat would be good. I’m not wanting an expensive seat as im going to get a whole new unicycle when i get good/can afford one.

i found this Is it any good?

i can’t really tell as i don’t know that much about unicycle seats…

any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s ok, not top of the line (well it was a few years back) but perfectly good to being with. You’re going to need one of these to fit the saddle to your current seatpost.

Never make a saddle out of a Goot

I know a guy who did that and the chaffing from the pin feathers was really bad. :astonished:
Don’t worry about wasting cash on a seat for your old uni. They are all standard 4 bolt except for the rare rail type. You can buy the best seat for your old uni, and move it to your next ride later, for sure. Money on a great seat will always be well spent.:slight_smile:
It is the seat posts that are different sizes. All 4 bolt seats will fit all 4 bolt posts.:wink:

nimbus gel is nice,

i think so but im no genius either

“Sit tight” :stuck_out_tongue:

Except Miyata 4 bolt posts and Torker LX 4 bolt posts…

Some Pashleys have a cheap rail type system like the Savage saddles so don’t fit 4 bolt seat posts.


well i bought the kris holm sadde, and the bolt seat thing, and some bedford stickers, make my old crappy unicycle some nice yellow flames to match the wheels.

Just because i have a crappy unicycle doesnt mean it can’t LOOK good :sunglasses: