is this a good unicycle to learn on, and do tricks? these are popular cycles a think

here they are

THX, also if u have any advice on how to get my mom to let me get a unicycle plz tell, she thinks its a joke:(

LX 20"

get that one.

um. explain to your mom that unicycling is a sport, not a silly clown thing.

have her do a search on youtube on unicycles, and then she will see how it has evolved from the circus to an almost main stream sport.

fo sho

+1 :smiley:

In another thread you sead you’d like do tricks so the 20" LX is the best learner for that, also for mild trials.

If you want to also use it for transportation and mild muni the 24" LX is better for that, but a bit harder to do tricks and trials lines than the 20

Mods: I think the widest tire that will fit on the 20 frame is a 2.25 and on the 24, a 2.3" tire. Most, including me, hate the seat on the LX, but some like it.

A bit more expensive but also good is the Nimbus II (much more comfortable seat)

Well… i have a gel cushion for my bike seat but mabey it’ll work on a unicycle??

That could work, but you’re better off sometimes buying one from UDC or something like that. :smiley: :smiley:

If you live in Canada, I wouldn’t recomend buying from unless you are willing to add at least another 50 dollars to your order in border fees and other hidden fees.

I would recomend you talk to Darren of Bedford Unicycles and ask him for a good price on a learner. Also the pricelist on his website is really out of date so you are better off to just talk to him directly.

Your next best option is to check out under items in Canada only, or to contact local bike shops and see if they can get torker unicycles or other unicycles (although for most bike shops the other unicycles won’t be very good either).

Get the LX 20", I rode one yesterday, and they’re really easy to ride, and have some really nice features. This would definatley be your best choice. The price can’t be beat, the features are great, and its durable as hell.

the LX 20" or 24" depending on if you want to ride distance or more freestyle / tricks

Also depends on your size. If you are smaller then a 20" is more suitable. But dont worry real tall people ride 20" :stuck_out_tongue:

The CX is a weaker unicycle all round.

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OK, i have decided between the LX 20’ or the Nimbus 2 freestyle 20’

any suggestions as of now?

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