is this a good uni?

Does anyone who owns this nimbus or has riden one have any complaints, and I mean with the frame it shows, not the rounded crown they now come with

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what type of nimbus is it?

the link works for me.

Nimbus 20-inch Trials Unicycle with a Qu-Ax Wheel

The Nimbus 20-inch frame combined with the splined Qu-Ax hub and crank set, wrapped up with an Qu-Ax 48-spoke trials rim! Now ships with a Rounded Crown frame. This is a specialty wheel built to order. Please allow 5 days for shipment.


The Nimbus Rounded Crown frame with the ultra-strong Qu-Ax 10-spline hub and crank set!

Frame: Nimbus 20-inch Rounded Crown frame w/choice of color.
Seat: Kris Holm
Seat post: 25.4 steel
Seat post clamp: Double allen bolt
Rim: Qu-Ax 48-spoke Trials
Hub: Qu-Ax 10-spline 48-spoke- yellow
Hand-built wheel by master wheelbuilder John Kovachi
Cranks: Qu-Ax 10-spline cranks- 127mm, black
Pedals: DX Pedals, 9/16th
Tire: Maxxis Creepy Crawler 19-inch x 2.5-inch

did u just copy everthing from the site and paste it in here? thus not helping DrumCorpsFan at all.

Now the links working…

Its $495 here, about the cheapest splined uni you can get.

no, onewheely said the link wasnt working for him, and because he didnt see what it was he couldn’t then assess the situation. i copied and pasted the stuff so that if other people’s links to it aren’t working, they can check it out and tell DrumCropsFan about it and if it’s good or bad.

Thus helping him out, a lot

but the link is working!

it wasn’t before


thanx for copying that shiz out for me.

TO drumcorps check in the reviews page for a review, i think i might have seen one

there great unis, one of my friends has one
there really solid and well made, and also look pretyt cool

Its got 127mm cranks. YOu might want longer fro trials.

This statement right here would stop me from buying it:
“Now ships with a Rounded Crown frame.”

If you’re serious enough into uni that you want splined you definately don’t want a rounded crown frame. I guess unless you have no interest in doing any one footed or freestyle tricks.

Yeah the rounded frame isn’t so good, although if you’re using it purely for trials in a way it’s better because you’ll hit your knees less on it. Id go for it tho, good strong uni, it will do you well until you get very serious.

one word: griptape

round crown frames are underated, they work really well.