Is this a good uni for a beginner

Hey guys,
New member here! I am a pretty avid mountain biker and just love anything with wheels and pedals. I decided I wanted to try out unicycling. I am 16 currently and rode a unicycle a couple years ago and did pretty good on it. I am looking for a cheaper unicycle to learn on. I found a used one on craigslist listed for $50.

Here is the description from the ad “Sun Unicycle “Extreme 20 DX”, 20 inch wheel, very nice condition, flat black, yellow wheel”.

I texted the guy and offered him $40 for it and he said he would take it. Is this something worth spending my money on? Is there anything I should look for damage wise etc. if i go to buy it?

This is pretty much the only option I have locally on craigslist so if it is something I should stay away from could you please give me some suggestions for something else used and under 80 bucks.

I am 6 foot and weigh 170 pounds.

Thanks in advance!



uni 3.jpg

One thing I was questioning about it was the saddle. All the other unis I have seen seem to have saddles that are more curved.

It’s not a great unicycle, but if your budget is only $80, you’re unlikely to get anything better. If he’ll give it to you for $40, get it ASAP. You’ll probably need to spend another $40 on parts, most likely a seat, sooner or later, but ride it and you’ll figure it out. That uni is much sturdier than most in that price range.

Thanks for the response. Im gonna go ahead and grab it. What are some sites to get uni parts on? Also just wanted to know what makes a unicycle “good”. Im assuming its gonna be weight, durability, and frame material but just want to be sure. It seems like something that will be worth the money for now. I want to get some carbon goodies for my mtb so thats kind of taking up my budget for a uni.

That seat looks better than what I’ve got on most of my unicycles! Yeah, get it and start learning. It’s “good.” Worry about details later.

I saw one just like that in a bike shop a year or so ago, and gave it a “test ride.” It’s a pretty good one, very comparable to the Torker LX, or similar. The flatter seat is actually a positive (I don’t recall the curvature of the one I rode), the original owner may have flattened it or it may be stock. It’s a new popular trend in unicycle saddles. (I currently have two flattened saddles on my unis, and recently sold a third.) (Hey, LargeEddie, are you enjoying the flattened KH on the Coker? I liked it.)
Anyway, it’s totally worth $40. Good catch!

Looks like a great uni for that price. Should be a good solid starter. I wouldn’t worry about the saddle unless it appears to be broken when you buy it. It’s actually been a trend lately to use saddles with less curve anyway. is good. There’s also

The better unicycles have an ISIS hub, double-wall aluminum rim and are lighter- usually with an aluminum frame- and a more comfortable seat. The unicycle you are looking at should tide you over until you start to become airborne, though, and even then it might be OK for a little while before it cracks up.

Oddly enough, that seat is actually shaped a little like one of the newest, fanciest ones, but it probably won’t be as comfortable. Some cheap seats allow you to ride for miles at a time with no problem, but others will draw blood after only a few hundred meters. That one should be OK for now, though.

So far so good Lance. I wondered if you’d worked on it. It’s hard to compare straight up because I’m using handlebars for the first time among other things. But I’m doing longer rides than before and not thinking about the saddle, and I’d say that’s a good sign.

Hope you’ll excuse the off-topicness… Good luck if you go ahead and get it, pceby! (It’s $142 new on btw.)

Thanks a lot guys. Looks like im gonna be picking it up tomorrow. Is the isis hub your talking about the star like design that the crank goes on or is it something different? My dirt jump bike has an isis bottom bracket/crankset.

Same thing.

I believe so.

Looks very similar to my first bike, which was a great starter :slight_smile:

Thought id give you guys an update. The bike is great! It is literally brand new. Been practicing a little bit over the weekend. Furthest ive made it yet is about 30-35 yards.

Good deal!
But you (and the previous poster) just made the first mistake of unicycling.
Don’t call it a bike! :wink: