Is this a good deal?
How does that look? I should be able to get the Torker for $90 shipped to my door.

Wait to bid untill the last 5 minutes- and have a cap in mind. Look at the bid history- there is possably some evidence of bid padding on the part of the vendor. If the auction is active, expect the price to jump by at least 25% in the last few minutes. You can run a search for closed auctions for this same item to see how high they typicaly sell for. I have seen them close well ABOVE retail.

If you establish a relationship with a vendor you plan on doing buisness with repeatedly, you will know what to expect from the vendor- and service will reflect your patronage. If the price is close, I would go with the Uni Source… mostly because I like the folks who run the joint. While 3/3 orders have had errors, they have always been gracious about it. In addition, they provide a large number of items, all in one place, at fairly competitive prices… I apreciate the selection and want to keep it around. Ship time is also EXCELENT.

On the other hand, it would be nice to see the market grow. Competition can be great.

Just my 2 cents.


i wouldnt get it for a bunch of resons one is that i like the poeple at uni source they are very helpful and also you can upgrade parts there if you want which you should do cuse those torker seat are much beter for kids but on a adult they are not very comfy at al well hope that helps you make up your mind


The Torker is a good unicycle. Better than the Savage or any of the other
unicycles in that price range.

But the Torker comes with a small skinny seat. If you’re a teenager or
older you’ll be wanting a larger seat for it. If you order the Torker
through you’ll be able to upgrade to a better seat. I doubt
the guy on ebay has any better seats to sell you.


>From: AccordNSX <>
> How
> does that look? I should be able to get the Torker for $90 shipped to
> my door.

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Auction ended and it would have been $90 to my door. I think I’m going to go with the Schwinn 24" though, I don’t mind spending the extra money right off.