Is this a good deal? Norco

Norco Unicycle for 50$ in my city

keep in mind this is Canada so products typically cost more and cost more to ship in comparison to the US

You might be better off putting your cash into a newer model unicycle. That style of seat is usually pretty uncomfortable & has the potential to snag fingers due to its seat frame / bumper design. As well, it looks as though the tire is original so it could be fairly weather damaged & might require replacement along with the tube that has been suggested.
Replacing the seat, tire & tube will easily add another $50 to $100 dollars to the price. There’s also a chance that the cranks could be bent or excessivly loose as well.


you live in Victoria, BC ?

while many of us here have for sure learned on worse, I think all of us could agree that we would have been happier learning on something a little more solid. has a lot of learner unicycles for not much more than that.



You should give Grin Cyclery a call in Vancouver - do you know about them? They are a specialty uni shop (UDC Canada dealer), and now have a good range in stock.


I’m thinking about getting one of the 24" bikes in the beginner section of
I live in a fairly flat area, and I want to mainly use this for getting to and from work which is about a 20 minute walk. I’m not REAALLLYYY into doing super fancy tricks.

Think it’d be a good use of my tax return this spring? :slight_smile: