Is this a good car to get?

A small car by most American standards

Agreed, a civic is pretty much dead on average for a UK car.

A coker fits just barely in the trunk of my '93 volvo 240. It is by no means a small car, but it does get pretty good milage, about 30mpg. I don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for, but it will fit a coker.

Hmmm… I’d not considered a Volvo… until now.

The fact you mention trunk (boot) I assume you mean sedan (saloon) not station wagon (estate).

/me goes off to check the spec and prices…


to that comment about french cars and getting a vectra, my dad broke 2 old type vectras and they were near brand new lease cars lol

anyways i recon a volvo V40 estate would be awesome for you, my dad has a renault grand espace, but thats probs abit too big for u lol

with most saloon cars (sedan or wotever) you’ll have to fold the back seats to fit the coker in i think.

Ford escort estates are cheap, and so are 306 estates. My mum has a citroen berlingo they are awesome :smiley:

What about a small MPV? like a scenic or a picasso? i quite like the scenic and if u take the seats down the N36 will fit no problem.

Now i think about it my dad’s old Volvo T7 could get a 36"x22" tyre in the boot

Now i think about it my dad’s old Volvo T7 could get a 36"x22" tyre in the boot. My mate runs an escort estate so he can fit his bikes in, you couldn’t fit a N36 in the boot, but you could easily fit several if you folded the seats down.

In my Chevy Aveo, my Coker stands vertically between the front seat and the back seat. From this I’d think a 36" would fit in almost any 4 door 4 seater and proably most 2 door 4 seaters too

Do they sell the Scion xB in the UK? (and can you stand to look at one?)

I know a Coker will fit inside the rear hatch without folding down the seats. I haven’t tried my new Nimbus in there yet but I am fairly certain it will also fit. The Scion is comfortable, reliable, and gets 30 or more miles per gallon.

OK where did you get that slick in the UK? I believe that is even wider than Top Fuel, although the diameter is correct.

It is a fuel slick, the width measurement was a rough guess and as it’s off the rim it sags out under its own weight so it looks a bit wider. For some time it was the fastest tyre in europe (well one of a set of four obviously), i saw it hit 303 mph the day i bought it. I seem to remember talking to you about drag racing before, I picked this thing up at the Pod main event about 5 years ago. I keep it next to an example of the smallest formula one tyre ever produced at 10"x8" just for the contrast.

Yes, It is a sedan/saloon. But the seats do not fold down though there is a small hole in the middle to put skis through. I’ve found that I can put my coker in with some room to spare actually. I forgot I had a big crate in there and that is why the coker barely fit, you may be able to fit a coker and a 20" as well, or maybe even a 24". I’ll have to check it out. I love my volvo though, it’s a great car.

I’ve got a 1996 Honda Civic saloon/sedan (four-door, five seater) and I can fit my Coker in the boot/trunk, as long as the seat isn’t too high. It doesn’t leave room for much else in the boot/trunk, but I can still fit five people or some more unicycles in the seats.

By European standards 30 MPG is nothing. But if they did sell the Scion there it would get even better mileage since they tune their engines for efficiency not brute force and acceleration.

The xB is a great little car and is surprisingly roomy

One of many reasons I love this strange little car. I realized a bit late that a …

what was that word again?

oh, saloon! A saloon is what is wanted. I think the xB is not a saloon, but it remains an excellent unicycle transport.

no offense, but EWW that and the honda element. I can not stand those cars. I think they are the ugliest cars ever made, followed closely by the edsel ranger. I’m thinking some of the older members still remember those. I, unfortunately have only seen pictures of them.

The Honda element is the only SUV I would buy. I guess you just have no sense of style. You’d sooner have a car that looks like everybody else’s.

toyota prious we fit a 29 2 20s and a 24 in one

well, not really. See, were i to buy a SUV, unlikely however, it would be the older versions of the Honda CRV. Much better mpg than the current models, plus by my standards look better. The car i would buy would be the SMART roadster or the mini cooper s. And in america, those are not cars like everybody else.

just get a bike rack