Is this a good car to get?

Ok, now that I’ve got your attention, I bet you are wondering why I’d post about something like that in here.

Well, it’s simple. I’ve been reliant on my unicycle and public transport for the last 9 months, but feel it’s time I could do with a car again. My old car was a Smart Car, and that was ideal for carrying around my 29er*. However, I’ve now got a 36" Nimbus, so there’s no point getting a car that it doesn’t fit in. I’d prefer to get a saloon, but don’t want to go to anything toooo big.

So I’m thinking of a Peugeot 406. The boot on that looks huge, but does anyone know if a 36" will fit? I’ve looked on the net, but can’t find anything with actual dimensions.

Failing that, any other suggestions for a reasonably sized (and reasonably priced) saloon car that is Nimbus-compatible?



  • I once had 2 29" and 1 20", a large bag of clothes, a small fridge of beer, a laptop and a suit bag all in the boot of my Smart

Triumph Herald estate. Coker fits nicely with the back seat folded down (or without if you take the saddle off), 26x3 fits with the seat in place. Cheap to buy and insure, reliable, 45+ mpg on a long run, no road tax, no horrible diesel or catalyst stink, no depreciation, looks cool, pretty much nothing to go wrong you can’t fix with a half inch spanner. Does take more maintenance than a newer design though.


edit: Just realised you specifically said saloon… not a chance of getting a coker in a Herald saloon.

I think you are unlikely to find a saloon car that will take a nimbus 36" whole in the boot, my dad’s Jaguar S-Type has a pretty big boot, the wheel will just fit but you have to fold down one of the rear seats to allow the frame/handle to poke through. A nimbus 36" fits nicely in the back of a ford focus if you fold both rear seats down, infact you can get a couple in.

What is a saloon car?

My guess is it is a small economy car no?

here’s my thoughts about cars.

i bought a station wagon, and tinted the windows black.

it holds 14 unicycles inside (with 2 people)

but more importantly, if i take it anywwhere for overnight, i can sleep in the back. if i go to a trailhead between business meetings, i can change in the back, completely privately. (I was changing in the back one time, completely naked at this point, toweling off all the grossness, when a lady notice the unicycle leaning on my car fell over, and she stopped to carefully place the unicycel back how it was, leaning against the back of the car, against the window, with me butt-naked on the other side of the glass!

station wagons are a great unicycle car

ps…and a station wagon isn’t any bigger, it’s properly designed

Ah, language difference. Even within the english language. Gotta love it. In the US saloon brings connotations of a loud and rowdy pub. In carspeak, if I remember correctly, it means ‘sedan’ (as opposed to a compact). Correct me if I’m wrong (I usually am).

If you’re independantly wealthy, there’s nothing cooler than an old VW bus and it’ll hold a handfull of Cokers. Pitiful fuel economy but, if you can afford one, you can probably afford the petrol.

I have a citroen saxo desire. The N36 fits on the back seat no probs. (Don’t know if its a saloon or not, don’t know anything about cars)

No, I belive the american equivalent word is ‘sedan’:

“the sedan is a passenger car with two rows of seats and adequate passenger space in the rear compartment for adult passengers. The vehicle has a separate trunk (boot in British English), for luggage at the rear.”

Roof rack and a bike lock.

I have a Ford Escort LX and I’ve had a 28" and two 20"s in the ‘boot’ at once. This car has decent fuel economy (~28mpg) - better than my Grand Marquis (~16-17mpg). I didn’t realize that Triumph still manufactured cars…

BTW: BluntRM’s suggestion of racks is a good idea. You could get a pair of cheap surfboard racks for ~$100USD, and, if you take off the cranks, you could probably fit 2 cokers on the roof. Even with my small car, I’ve been able to fit 5-6 surfboards with help from the racks (one of my boards is 7’10", too).

Been there, seen it, done it :slight_smile:

Sadly though I also need guaranteed reliability as I do 300 motorway miles every weekend


Mmmm… S-Type! Tempting. Out of my budget, but tempting!

The rear seats fold down in the Peugeot, but I’m kind of hoping to get it to fit in without doing that.


well if ya want reliability dont get a french car as it is garentied to blow up i would tgon something along the lines of a honda civic or a vauxhall vectra as i dont know your budget i cant rly say nemore but either new or old both these cars will fit a 36" uni so its all good.

I’m pretty sure our old Seat Cordoba could fit my 36" with smallish handle + a couple of 20" with just a little luggage space left. Some VAG cars have very big boots :slight_smile:

STM we can experiment tonight with 136"+320" in an Avensis. If the experiment fails domesticated_ape will have a 50 mile night ride to get home with his new uni :wink:


I have a 1992 Honda Civic DX hatchback. A small car by most standards. With the seats folded down I can get a 36er, 2 Munis and a trials (with adequete padding of course so I don’t scratch my Hunter 36er frame) inside. It gets 40 mpg and it’s cool. :slight_smile:

LOL, I guess that’ll be one way to get familiar with a new uni!

just to let you know, I’m going to be getting to hockey early tonight, and leaving strait away, as I’m all bunged up with a cold at the moment and really not feeling like doing much physical stuff.


Bring your uni to the dealership and see if it fits in any car you test drive. If the uni doesen’t fit then you can eliminate that car.

You can get preowned jags very cheap, maybe £1500 will get you an XJ6 with full service history, air con, full leather trim, 4.2 litre engine etc. The boots on these things are huge. Unfortunately so is the fuel use, else I would have had one as my first car.

Incidentally has an s-type for 5k

1.5k - 2.5k is the kind of budget I’m looking at. But a 4.2 litre enging would cost as much as that again to do London to Nottingham each week :slight_smile:

That’s why I like the idea of a peugeot - economical 55mpg+ diesel engine!

If I felt confident that a N36 should fit, then I’d hapilly take it along for a test drive. But if I get there and there’s no way it’s going in, or I scratch the paintwork trying then I’d feel such a muppet.

Maybe I’ll spend some time going around dealerships this weekend with a tape measure…


I got a 99 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport (wagon) for that same reason:) 28-30 mpg, did great in crash tests,and great reliability. Also the all wheel drive is great for skiing. No chains!:smiley:

I would have gotten the 2.5 RS (the WRX wasn’t available in the US then:(), but they wouldn’t give it to me in a wagon:(