Is this a 2004 Torker 16" DX?

Hi all,

I just purchased this uni from Craigslist for $50. I hope it’s a deal and not a ripoff. Can anyone tell me if it’s in fact a 2004 Torker 16" DX. Can’t find a matching image online anywhere. Any help is appreciated. A pic is attached.



it is not a DX they never made a 16in DX

That is an LX. I found a picture of a 2004 LX with the same frame. I hadn’t seen the round crown LX before but I recognized the saddle and rim. $50 isn’t a bad price for a used LX in good condition but it’s not the deal that a DX would be at that price.



Thanks for your posts!

Looks like an AX Uni. I believe they only made it in 20, 24, 29".

Looks like an AX

Thanks Bob! It does look like an AX uni. Oh well, doesn’t matter. I rode on it a bit today and it’s pretty nice. I’m satisfied with the purchase.

A quick check with a magnet will determine if it is an AX or not. AX frames are aluminum.

This is the picture I found of the 2004 unicrown LX.


Magnet test

Thanks Martin! Did the magnet test and you’re right. I am the proud owner of a unicrown LX.