Is there video footage of... Sedj Flip? FifthDoubleFlip? 360 Flip? 360* Hoptwist?

Title says all. Particularly interested in the Sedjflip and FifthDoubleFlip.
Links anyone?

EDIT: Sorry for the 360* Hoptwist I mean: A bodyvarial except your body goes around 360 degrees instead of the standard 180 degrees

360 hoptwist isnt a body varial. Its a 360 spin (not unispin) :p.

The french unicon video has fifthdouble, sej and 360 lateflip. But not a 360 bodyvarial flip (dizzy flip? :p)

Find the video yourself, I’m lazy haha

spencer does a 360 bodyvariel in his this is flatland vid with jon atwell
the last trick i think

sej flip is at 2:38

And Fifthdouble at 1:35
Treytriple at 2:52

Closest thing to a 360 (reverse) body varial so far

And 360 flips arn’t anything amazing… You can find them in a lot of videos.

Also, if you are going to call it a sejflip, SPELL it right!
I don’t think Shaun has a 2nd middle/last name starting with D…