Is there such a thing...

I learned to Uni by myself, and I do all of my riding by myself. I don’t get to see anyone else in person doing anything that I can’t do. And since I am relatively new to this…I can’t do much. Is there anywhere on the web that has the names of “tricks” and descriptioins of how to do them. I feel confident that I can learn some stuff…just need to know what/how to try. Any suggestions are very much appreciated. Thanks.

look on websites n watch vids to help!

i am prety new 2 uniyclin azwell and learnt to do everything bye myself and dont ne 1 else in my area (lincoln waddington). i ride with sum frends on trials bykes and can doo most things they but doo find it hard to learn everytin qiukly without ne 1 betta than me. i looked on for explanations and find watching videos can help me to learn how to doo different triks.:slight_smile:

For trials/muni stuff

For freestyle tricks - I can’t get to it right now, but it has tons of videos of tricks to learn.

Both have stuff about basic things like idling too.

Welcome DJack! Please use the subject line for the subject of your question. The links give above are good ones. For further detail about some of the things people do with their unicycles, check out the international competition rulebook here: is a lot more than just freestyle, many of the tricks do NOT fall into that category

this has a whole bunch of mounts and different tricks, not much trials though

Oh yeah, he appears to have a few street and muni clips on there now, and masses of random other stuff too. Cool.

It’s the site for freestyle, it’s amazing that a)he can do all the 10 skill level tricks except for two and b)he bothered to video them all. What a nice person.